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Well, once again, I'm behind the power curve of trying to publish things when something is just released. But I have an excuse, I've got diapers to change and a mouth to feed.... Along with the other activities of Everyday Life at home! Can't always draw cartoons! Wish I could though! Once again, this is just a simple analysis. For details, check out the link! Just the perspective of one Angry Veteran!


Freedom in its Purest Form

This cartoon represents my view of what preserves the liberties we enjoy today. Mostly the first two amendments in our precious Bill of Rights. We can express ourselves, and we can defend ourselves. However, many advocates of the 1st Amendment seem to sneer at the 2nd Amendment and say we shouldn't be able to protect ourselves. If this is so, and the 2nd Amendment is pulled from the Bill of Rights, then the government and the criminals will have the only guns leaving us in a state of fear. This also puts a dangerous precedent of removing Amendments from the Bill of Rights, thereby threatening the other nine.... So we are already on a slippery slope as it is! Lets not slide further, better yet, lets get back up to where the Founders wanted us to be!

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I have it under a Creative Commons License. Just give me credit if you post it on the web.

I'd like to see it in the libraries, just to piss off any gun banners who might be all about the Banned Books Week while overlooking what allows them the ability to fight the ban on certain books (the ability of the people to take up arms if the Government oversteps its bounds!).


Self Critiquing Items

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Funny story on the news. Of course it wasn't so funny for the victim, but its funny for us. Self inflicted pain for stupidity. I think we all should laugh, no one was seriously hurt in a safety violation that could have ended more deadly! This dumb hunter rested his LOADED shot gun against the fence he was climbing over. Half way across, his dog manages to pull the trigger and shoot him in the calf with the LOADED (and SAFETY OFF) shotgun. He still likes his dog...

However, lessons should be taken from this incident. You can read one of the basic hunting rules from a book for beginners in the cartoon. Take it to heart if you hunt pheasant, quail, dove, or ducks in fields! If not, you and your dog might win the Darwin Award for stupidity and become a Gun Control Fanatics favorite statistic...


A simple analysis of a simple analysis...

If you cannot read it clearly on the blog, here is a better resolution image in my online gallery: http://sudsysutherland.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Analysis-1-65795314

Its funny how some in the media attempt to fight for the working class citizen, and then turn around and use the word "cowboy" as an insult to the intelligence and ethics of the president of the US George W. Bush. Funny, because all the cowboys I know are hard working blue collar men and women (cowgirls...) who struggle day to day with bills like the rest of the workers in this country! Assumptions that people who own large ranches are rich are frankly preposterous! Many in the mid-west are happy when they break even one out of three years (especially the farmers, who by the way provide most of the food the Blue States eat from Red States!).
This cartoon is based loosely on my father in law, and several other people I've known over the years who consider "cowboy" the highest compliment they can think of. Needless to say, they are tired of the arrogance of the media...



The plot continues to thicken!

North Korea and Iran working together, and Iran doing the election time saber rattling with them. Throw in a visit from the Iranian Hitler to Columbia University (who won't let Minutemen speak out against Illegal Immigration), and you get the world going to hell in a hand basket on the "diplomatic front".

At least Israel has the intestinal fortitude to take action and send in Special Forces to take samples and confirm nuclear material prior to taking action and blowing the site to bits. Of course, these are also the people who blew up the French made Osiraq Reactor in Iraq in 1981... (http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/iraq/osiraq.htm)

If we fail to take action against Iran, I believe Israel will. Of course we will be blamed, and our troops will face an attack from Iran. Of course, we have been getting shot at by Iranians for quite some time (Marine barracks in Beruit to the EFP's and Rockets in Iraq, and the Karbala kidnappings...). Maybe a Hot War with Iran will wake our ignorant pukes in charge in Congress up to the facts of life. Victory, or a more bloody and prolonged war involving the use of nuclear weapons by Iran (who have promised a Holocaust for Israel... Perhaps Columbia would like to invite David Duke to speak about Civil rights sometime, Iran had him come speak about the Holocaust).


Death on Call” 1:6 Scale OOAK figure AAR

Part I. What went wrong:

  1. Monkey Depot http://www.monkeydepot.com/ Nothing they really did wrong, I just need to verify next time that the M-4 that I order comes with the appropriate rail system for mounting the PAQ-4, Surefire Light, and handle.

  1. M-9 Holster: Make sure the leg isn't sculpted too big for the upper strap on the holster.

  1. Arms: Need to be sculpted from the beginning with the 1/16” diameter copper armature wire with a 90 degree bend at the shoulder. Current figure uses 24 gauge coper wire braided with drill, fine for elbows, a pain to reposition too many times in the shoulder especially when the shirt must be put on with arms fed through sleeves first and then arms attached to torso one at a time (all while wrestling with the shirt!). Also, Arms need to be posed and completed before attachment to torso. Elbow needs bent and completed before feeding arms through shirt.

  1. Feet: Boots need to be filled in with Epoxy sculpting compound to provide a solid foundation!

  2. Legs: Need to be posed in Armature stage first with the rest of the body and all one piece. Right now figure is off balance and very close to being unrealistically static!

  3. Torso: Needs better, less static posing, once again armature needs to be completed first.

  4. Head: Concept went through a couple variations. More research and practice sculpting faces is needed before any production can be carried out! Painting needs work!

Part II. What went right:

1. Head: Second sculpt of head was the biggest boost this project had! I'm surprised I was able to learn to sculpt a skull in such a short time!

2. Uniform: After market uniform and body armor came out looking really good, quite unique on the sculpted body. PRC-148 IMBTR kicks butt!

3. Free standing! No supports necessary!

Part III. What could be done better:

1. Concept sketch! Need to get a scale concept sketch to assist with armature posing phase and to assist in keeping scale! Not to mention research material! Once I had the material gathered to sculpt the skull, it just came together. Need to have research all in one place to start with!

2. Shop around more, make sure I get exactly what I want next time! ACUs and good M-4 with an Aimpoint or EO Tech!

3. Choose terrain, build a base that fits! Next time, I'll try to build a base with a couple walls, or a mountainside...


A-10 "Warthog"
GAU-8 30mm cannon
1:72 scale

I have art!

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The airplane characters are mine (Hog, Viper, Osprey, Raptor)