The plot continues to thicken!

North Korea and Iran working together, and Iran doing the election time saber rattling with them. Throw in a visit from the Iranian Hitler to Columbia University (who won't let Minutemen speak out against Illegal Immigration), and you get the world going to hell in a hand basket on the "diplomatic front".

At least Israel has the intestinal fortitude to take action and send in Special Forces to take samples and confirm nuclear material prior to taking action and blowing the site to bits. Of course, these are also the people who blew up the French made Osiraq Reactor in Iraq in 1981... (http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/iraq/osiraq.htm)

If we fail to take action against Iran, I believe Israel will. Of course we will be blamed, and our troops will face an attack from Iran. Of course, we have been getting shot at by Iranians for quite some time (Marine barracks in Beruit to the EFP's and Rockets in Iraq, and the Karbala kidnappings...). Maybe a Hot War with Iran will wake our ignorant pukes in charge in Congress up to the facts of life. Victory, or a more bloody and prolonged war involving the use of nuclear weapons by Iran (who have promised a Holocaust for Israel... Perhaps Columbia would like to invite David Duke to speak about Civil rights sometime, Iran had him come speak about the Holocaust).

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