Freedom in its Purest Form

This cartoon represents my view of what preserves the liberties we enjoy today. Mostly the first two amendments in our precious Bill of Rights. We can express ourselves, and we can defend ourselves. However, many advocates of the 1st Amendment seem to sneer at the 2nd Amendment and say we shouldn't be able to protect ourselves. If this is so, and the 2nd Amendment is pulled from the Bill of Rights, then the government and the criminals will have the only guns leaving us in a state of fear. This also puts a dangerous precedent of removing Amendments from the Bill of Rights, thereby threatening the other nine.... So we are already on a slippery slope as it is! Lets not slide further, better yet, lets get back up to where the Founders wanted us to be!

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I'd like to see it in the libraries, just to piss off any gun banners who might be all about the Banned Books Week while overlooking what allows them the ability to fight the ban on certain books (the ability of the people to take up arms if the Government oversteps its bounds!).

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