The new Waffen SS... Socialist Services of Glennwood Springs Colorado

Full Story in its original context: http://wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=59566

No Knock Warrant served on a man who home schooled his kids. All because his son bumped his head, and the neighbors called an ambulance! Man turned EMT's away, but they followed his wife into the house regardless, and saw the kid. The father was a Paramedic in the US Army during the Vietnam War and insisted he could take care of his own child. Social Services responded the following day, insisting they take they're son to the hospital for a doctor to check up on him. They even had the parents pull the kid out of the tub so they could see him themselves; despite nothing being wrong with the boy, a Court ordered the Glennwood Springs Sheriffs Department to seize the boy and bring him to the hospital. Sheriff sent his SWAT who busted down the door and held EVERYBODY at gun point, handcuffed the parents, and took the boy to the hospital where the Doctor said nothing was wrong with boy and released him.

Why the SWAT? More than likely because SocialIST Services asked the Judge! I'll bet it was because the Father was a Constitutionalist who home schooled his children and was a "Fundamentalist" Christian and a Vietnam Vet (who are always considered PTSD time bombs by SocialIST Services... Got to love the Hollywood and Berkley folks for that crap).

Of course, No Knock warrants are questionable in themselves, especially when they get the wrong house, and the owner thinks there is a home invasion and shoots back... and gets riddled with bullets for exercising his right to protect his property. Got to love whats happening. Where is the ACLU to fight for this father! Where are all these human rights groups who want terrorist to get fair trials and representation? Where? NO WHERE!


Jeff said...

What a horrible tragedy and intrusion on our rights. If child service's isn't overreacting, they're neglecting children who truly need their help. I'm so pissed I can't even concentrate on work anymore. And don't go to the Denver Post's story on this. It will only make you madder.

Candy said...

This is great info to know.