Governor Palin's selection of VP, and criticism...

...or the throwing of 'little America' under the bus by 'big America'.

What do I mean? Well, listening to some callers who support Obama on the radio, if you don't come from a big state, you can't be a leader of this country. Funny don't you think? Good leaders don't always command the most... Having a cult doesn't make one a good leader. Coming from the city doesn't give anyone more experience than coming from small town America.

So far, the North East, big cities, and Left Coast seemed to have ruled the political agenda of our country. Recently, westerners have made inroads on our government brining with them the insane idea of cutting the government and taxes. Right now, we see two westerners on the Republican ticket.

As far executive experience is concerned, Gov. Palin exceeds anything Obama might have to offer, and she's just the VP pick... Gov. Palin has been Commander and Chief of several brigades of the Alaska National Guard, several squadrons of the Alaska Air National Guard, and a brigade of State Militia in the form of the 49th MP Brigade to augment her State Troopers. More military power at her finger tips than some small countries... Being geographically separated from the CONUS (Continental United States), running Alaska is essentially like running a small country or island. Democrats, Republicans, and the Un-Affiliated voters all put Gov. Palin in office, and she has done what she has promised to do in the short time she has been there. Its tough to get infra-structure going, but she go a natural gas pipeline started in full view of the public, something that her predecessor failed to do miserably. In fact, that is why she won the election in the first place; transparency and openness of government...

...and so, she got selected by John McCain to be his running mate. Its fun to watch the criticism and hubris from the other side. Many from big city America or the Coastal States sneer at the possibility of this 'hillbilly woman' from Alaska. Go figure, mother of five kids, hunter, fisherman, outdoors man... She is just not the mold of what they think a politician should be. But we've seen this before.

The Candidate touting change fits perfectly in the Washington mold of Ivy League educated elitists. However, the real candidates of real change break the mold completely, coming from the west of the Mississippi and the Frontier.

I'm definitely going for the McCain/Palin ticket! Maverick's Express! All that drove me crazy about McCain, will be negated by Palin. She'll bring back the good ol' conservative values back to the Republican ticket!

As far Executive Experience, as Commander in Chief of the State of Alaska, here is Gov. Palin's Military Assets:
http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/arng-ak.htm Army National Guard
http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/usaf/176wg.htm Air National Guard
http://www.ak-prepared.com/asdf/ State Defense Force/ Naval Militia (not to be mistaken with the anti-government separatists who claim to be militia...)


Fared well at the Fair

Well, I did good at the Tananna Valley State Fair this year! In Division 13A, Fine Arts, I entered three pieces and got three awards! Third Place went to my pencil drawing "Arctic Blackhawk" demonstrating where I need to work harder for next time; "A Pair Of Hogs" was a pen and ink illustration that won First Place for Cartoons; and finally "Guns...Guns...Guns..." my first digital masterpiece was First Place and Class Champion in digital illustration!


"A Pair OF Hogs"

"Arctic Blackhawk"