Get State out of Religion!

Its a violation of the separation of church and state!

Obama and Oil for Food, you know, the Saddam connection:
Of course, there is no actual connection to Saddam influencing Senator Obama's opposition to the war, but the connections are hilarious considering the criticism and 'scandal' Governor Palin seems to be getting.

Which leads to this post on my Facebook Page:
http://www.aflcio.org/ National Headquarters of the Union that the Alaska State Troopers belong to. On right side of the screen is the Candidate they support for POTUS in 2008. No wonder they filed the ethics violation paperwork against Governor Palin! Union thugs operating under orders from the DNC? Nah... Never...

Anchorage Daily News Story about Wooten, the trooper in question:

What a guy! And he still kept his job because the Union made sure of that! Until recently anyway.

Monegan was never fired, just transfered. The probe is to figure out if Governor Palin pressured him to fire the dirtbag trooper Wooten who's history is in the above article. http://www.adn.com/monegan/story/513137.html

That, and as a political appointee, he could be fired (as he was in the past by the Democratic Mayor of Anchorage) for any reason deemed necessary by the one who appointed him into office.

Notice to Democrats (and disgruntled AK Republicans): Keep digging! Its fun to watch you all dig a grave for your candidate.

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