Happy Constitution Day!

September 17th, 1787-September 17th, 2008; 221 years of a great Republic despite all the warts!

This last weekend the 3rd BN, 49th MP BDE Alaska State Defense Force conducted some field training. Mostly spending the daylight out on the shooting range, and the nights around the bonfire going over some academics and history of our unit. We are the descendants of the Alaska Territorial Guard founded in 1941 in response to the Federalization and deployment of the Alaska National Guard during World War II. In 1947, the ATG was disbanded until 1987 when it was again re-activated in response to the possibility that again our National Guard could be called up and deployed. For more information please check out the Brigades website at: http://www.ak-prepared.com/asdf/

We also conducted an abbreviated Basic Training for our newest members. Unfortunately at this present time, we don't have the time for a proper Basic, however, even in just a short amount of time, these intelligent young men caught on to military customs and courtesies, military bearing, and proper safe handling of fire arms quite quickly with very few mistakes... Still, motivational techniques were used a few times, here I'm motivating one of our new Privates after a mistake...

Here I'm on the left resting between relays with our trainees, PFC Russel and Pvt Tribel

Ready to engage targets!
I'm just a moment away from shooting.

PFC Hall visiting us from Anchorage ready to engage.

Capt Bennet engages targets over the second barrier

Shotgun training!
Photo Op of the firing line, all weapons were cleared and double check prior to photograph! Always think safety with firearms.

PFC Hall reviews what he has learned about the shotgun; pointed in a safe direction...

Getting ready to shoot

Over the barricade!

Maj. Napolilli gets ready to teach us young guys a few tricks..

We will have a table set up at the next gun show Oct 18th and 19th at the Patty Center (UAF). We will have some our own personal items to sell, information about our unit and mission, along with recruitment. If you are interested in joining, come on over and talk to us! If you don't mind overseas duty, the National Guard will be there also. We are especially looking for experienced prior service NCO's!

We are the DoD recognized State Defense Force for Alaska, to act as a cadre of trained personnel in the event our Governor has to activate the un-organized militia. We are not anti-government separatists! Here are some links to read up on the Federal Code and Alaska State Statutes:
Federal Statute

State Statute
The Militia Act of 1792
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a comment and I'll try to address them!

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