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SO, other than the next Great Depression looming due to Congresses rejection of a $700 billion bailout deal (THANK GOD!)...

Austria Has elected "extreme right-wing" leaders who actually want to take proactive steps such as kicking out foreigners who commit crimes in they're country, and limit immigration. We see here, people starting to learn from their mistakes, and not follow France's example after the Paris riots a couple years back.

CERN Looks cool to me! Could be the end of the world if a 'mini' black hole gets out of control... But it should prove fascinating if things go well. I'm not too scared about the activation of CERN. I hope they crack that Faster Than Light interstellar drive I've been reading about in science fiction for years!

Pirates! The unfortunate result of several debacles of the 1990's. Namely the cutting of the US Navy's budget, the failure of Somalia, and the lack of proactive measures to combat piracy by other nations in the face of the first two. Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan is rolling in his grave. Piracy was all but eradicated from the seas several times in the last couple of centuries, I think it needs to be a priority once again!

One dead sicko! Well, scratch one dead sex offender. Caught in the act, and eliminated by the father of the family doing his sacred duty of protecting his daughter. Robert McNally deserves a medal! If more fathers did what he did, be there at home and willing to risk his own life to protect his children; more rapists, molesters, and other deviants in society would be weeded out the proper way.

Finally, the United Nations... Anyone else feel sick every time they see that word or hear it? Must be all the skeletons in the closet rotting... Just think back to the unraveling of the Oil for Food scandal that took place in Iraq. Its much bigger, in different parts of the UN. This should be fascinating to follow.

Anyone else sensing a new Steel Curtain starting to raise up with Russia, Iran, and Venezuela getting real cozy... Of course, we've seen it coming for a while now... Of course Israel may have something to say about Iran!

Privatize the Space Program! Hell, turn it into the Space Industry and bring the next Industrial Revolution (see G. Harry Stine's books, "The Space Enterprise" and "The Third Industrial Revolution"). Turn NASA into something more like the FAA, and let Space X and Scaled Composites do the work to deliver civilian payloads into orbit. Unleashing this could boost our economy if we play our cards right, kinda like the boom in civil aviation during the Great Depression...

So thats around the world. Man, its been kinda a drag of a day. Well, its D-Day for the next Depression! Stand Strong my fellow Americans!

Sudsy Out

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