Privatize Space Exploration!

Tomorrow NASA celebrates 50 years of service to our country as our primary space exploration agency. Of these last 50 years, I think the Apollo Program and Hubble are the climax of any achievement they have made. At the end of the Cold War, NASA should have stepped aside and become an agency like the FAA and allow Civil Space Flight to take over much like Civil Aviation did in the 1920s and 1930s. We are dropping behind in space, and Russia is set to race ahead like they did every time except for the Moon during the Cold War; China is set to catch up real quick, India, Pakistan, and Iran may very well be close behind! We need to set the tone of a civilian use for space and ensure security that way! The military needs they're own program, and that should be the ONLY US Government run space program beyond de-confliction of orbits or space to prevent accidents or protect military satellites. Beyond that, a uniform regulation of safety standards, and enforcement should be set up, and thats it. NASA get the hell out of the way!

Capitalist Magazine Article after Space Ship One sent the first Private Astronaught into orbit.

Lee Corey aka G. Harry Stine! Big advocate of model rocketry and privatized space industry!

Fox News article about the International push into space, and NASA's backwardness (tactfully put...)

NASA 50th Anniversary Article from Fox News.

Finally, some hopeful articles worth a read:

Scaled Composites Homepage! Home of Burt Ruhtan's company, the ones who built Space Ship One

Space X homepage! Falcon 1 made it to orbit! Score one more private space flight! Wikipedia article

Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO) concept and history, why the Space Shuttle was obsolete before it was built!

More Privatized Space Advocates, Hobby Space!

Well, there is my anti-NASA rant. I suppose there should be a section dedicated to the continuation of the International Space Station mission. However, that could be better left to Universities... Grants could be given, contracts awarded to private companies... Technology would be researched, and industry would be created, our economy might even improve!

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