Un-Constitutional Investigation!


Alaska State Constitution

Interesting reading! Listening to Michael Dukes, one of his callers owns the the website in the first link, and the second link is to the Alaska State Constitution for verification.

Some more interesting reading:

As a retraction of any statement made that the Union Troopers belong to actually supporting Senator Obama, I was wrong. So I apologize for that!

On to the Global 'Warming' and 'Climate Change' front:


Or listen to the audio from the Dennis Miller Show:

Interesting speech by the author of "State of Fear" and "Jurassic Park"...

Some other good reads just for fun are "Fallen Angels" by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Michael Flynn. However, it only got ignored because it came out way before its time when the Internet allowed us mere mortals not part of academia and the establishment to review the data described in the book. However, its not completely accurate, Creationists would never set up displays in the same museum as the New Age Spiritualists...

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