Lets honor a Hero, and curse a Villain!

The Hero, who died this last week on Oct. 9 was US Army Col. Retired Bob Murphy, the first man to jump out on D-Day as a Pathfinder on June 6 1944 with the 82nd Airborne.

Story from Black Five

The villain in a suit:

Did Senator Obama violate the Logan Act? No surprise if he did, the Bush Administration doesn't even have the Ka-hoonahs to enforce it when Rep. Nancy Pelosi was negotiating with Syria... Washington Times Article Go figure, the DNC scum bag decided to pressure Iraq without authorization from the State Department to delay saying our troops were near completion of said mission. Again, Senator Obama by-passes the ground commanders, by-passes the State Department and the Bush Administration, and acts like he is in charge already and delivers the message to attempt to politically damage his opposition in this election. ANYTHING to win an election! Never mind that soldiers lives are at stake, or a war is being fought and that as a politician he needs to stand behind the current Administrations policies when dealing in foreign affairs in order that our nation shows a united front overseas. Dissent is fine when its within our own borders and you disagree with the current President. However, you don't go negotiating on your own representing the Opposition as the will of the United States! Unless of course, you get a tourist visa and leave your Secret Service detail behind and travel like everyone else as a private citizen, but wait, then you might actually get tried for treason! Never mind, if you are a liberal, you'll get a way with taking pictures of terrorist shooting at US soldiers, just ask the New York Times.

Here is a June article from the Washington Times also... The reason I'll never vote for Barack Obama or any other anti-Iraq War candidate. They were wrong in November 2006 when they said there was civil war and we should pull out. Hell, I deployed to Iraq the second time with 4-25 BCT (ABN) and flew out of Fairbanks International Airport on OCT 31st 2006. I saw what a shithole it was and how violent it was, and it CHANGED dramatically about three months later! Yet the Anti-Iraq War rhetoric didn't change. I came back in May 2007, the rhetoric was the same despite the obvious fact that Iraq changed and the Surge was work. I remember Gen. Petraeus coming back and getting slandered by MoveOn.org as "Gen. BetrayUs" because MoveOn.org claimed the Surge failed. I know differently, which is why I'm NEVER going to vote with the anti-Iraq war crowd bet they Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutionalist Party, Alaska Independence Party, or Independent. Iraq is being won, and politicians need to get the hell out of the way.

Not to mention this interesting Hitler Youth look-a-like squad from You-Tube (I take it with a grain of salt... However, there are several sources that confirm its actual existence.)

Is Senator Obama even a Natural Born US Citizen elgible for even running for Presidency:

More villains after scaring you with those You-Tubes...

I read this from the Telegraph this morning, its sad. Another politician who treats the troops like crap, in England. Go figure, he's probably trying to get cozy with EU!LINK

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