Stolen Valor, fakes, I hate them!

Nothing angers more than fake veterans, or veterans wearing fake ribbons and medals which they never earned.

Take this Senator Obama supporter from a Washington Times News Report:

Lets take a closer look with milblogger, This Ain't Hell:

So, if you are veteran, a closer inspection reveals lots of discrepancies that a career NCO wouldn't have made. On top of that, this man is committing a FEDERAL CRIME by wearing awards he did not earn. Possibly a felony if his Bronze Star with Valor device are fake.

Here is just one paragraph from This Ain't Hell's blog,
"Willie is wearing medals and ribbons that didn’t come into existence until after he left the service since he says he was in Korea and Vietnam. He wears a star on his CIB so that means he had to have been in the Korean War before July 27, 1953. Since his Good Conduct Medal has five knots, he must’ve served between 15-18 years (each knot is three years of service) but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he did twenty, that means he retired before July 1973 and many of the medals he wears didn’t even exist at the time he retired and they’re awarded for service he couldn’t have."

I recommend reading his analysis. Its fascinating, I just about blew a fuse because I get so mad at this crap. The Chicago Tribune did an article about the fakes too, they even found obituaries that had medals listed that the deceased never earned when it was looked into more closely. Well, the dead can't be punished...

This infuriates me! Woe to fakers!

The highest medal I ever earned was an ARCOM, short for Army Commendation Medal, I'm proud of that one, I earned it after my second tour in Iraq for a job well done. I'm praising God I never earned anything with a Valor device, that means trouble came my way... While I've seen some crazy things, I was real lucky when I was over there in Iraq, and I can only put it to Divine Intervention.

Here is the website of B.G. Burkett who wrote the book "Stolen Valor" which every journalist should be forced to read as curriculum, especially prior to covering ANY Veterans issues. stolenvalor.com

Now, an issue involving a true veteran, and the hypocrisy of the Left and DNC...

I'm sure they have forgotten all about Gen. Powell's involvement with Iraq, twice...

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Military Faker said...

Hey Bro.,

I like your blog on STOLEN VALOR aka Military Fakers.. I was gonna attempt to decipher Willie's Awards & Decorations, but it's hard when you're ROTFLMMFAO..

You hate FAKERS, well Brother, me too.. I despse the ground they walk on.. Being a Vietnam Veteran I barely got a Good Conduct Medal, only reason I got that is because I wasn't an Officer..

Keep up the good work.. Now, go catch another'n..

In Peace & Patriotism,


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