YIKES! Korea on my mind too...

This is a remix of the creepy Obama kids:

Now if that don't scare you silly!

Which makes me think of Korea, and brings us to this entry into the conceptart.org Panels of the Week Competition that I've submitted some cartoons into. I used to try a weekly or monthly called Simple Analysis, see earlier blog entries, but I got bored with it. Actually, I tracked the news too much and started suffering insomnia again, and had to quit. Yes, I got that stressed! Dr. Gilboy would be very concerned about that...

While we are on Korea, its not a forgotten war for me. I served my year in the Korean War, lucky me, its still in Ceasefire. I went to Korea in May 2003, and was there for the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Ceasefire. I even got a gift from the Republic of Korea for protecting them, a little framed piece of the DMZ wire with commemorative information in Korean and English. I've walked on the hill tops that our Korean War Veterans from 1950-1953 re-captured bloody inch by bloody inch. Very humbling to run across trench lines that date back to that era, and see the current defenses. Nothing humbles you like driving along the country side and an artillery tube is pointed North toward North Korean artillery that is pointed South... Every month there, South Korean soldiers shoot back at North Korean soldiers who shot at them along the DMZ. The US has even had hundreds of soldiers wounded, and even killed along the DMZ in the last 55 years of 'ceasefire'.

I just want to thank all the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who came before, especially those who fought during the hostilities! This is one American who knows the war is far from over.

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Right on. You said it all.

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