GWOT, the falling sky, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Some links to headlines here and around the World.

India, 82 people killed, more wounded, at least 8 separate locations in one massive complex attack; that terminology from Iraq. Complex attacks involve both IEDs and enemy forces in direct firefights.
-BBC Report
-Times Online UK
Being right next to Pakistan, which is a virtual haven for Al-Queda due to the unstable environment, it won't come as any surprise if the Deccan Mujahideen who have claimed responsibility are just another subsidiary of Al-Queda and other terrorist groups who operate in the area. While not all terror groups are closely linked, most are linked to some degree. Terror networks are strange beasts with many names, cover names, and side names for groups of people with the same goals and motivations for they're terror. In fact, there isn't a middle eastern or Islamic government that doesn't have some terror organization that they sponsor to some degree... Such is the way they think, its just an extension of said governments intelligence network.

As always, we need to watch out at home too! WCBSTV.com report.

On KFAR Chat today, "Samm" and a few of us were discussing meteorites, now, we have some fascinating articles and video from Fox News about a meteorite in Alberta Canada.

Video is wake up call really, to be ready for the next big rock from the sky! Here is another interesting article.

Not a bad use for our missile defense system research here at Ft. Greely! Damn Green Peace and they're protesting nuclear tipped anti-missile missiles! Can't they see that this could SAVE THE EARTH (okay, maybe just mankind and life as we know its butt on this planet...). But then, maybe PETA and Green Peace are working for an alien race that will take over our planet when humans are wiped out... (Twilight Zone Theme here... Or X-Files theme).

Got to love the end of the world Doomsday Apocalypse scenarios going around these days...

Well, I've got our turkey in the process of final thawing and I'll roast it good tomorrow (baring any rocks from space hitting my house in which case I'm not going to worry about it, but then, come to the house the turkey will be well done and flash cooked...).


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