Homeschool, or Private School... Screw public school!

But then, I survived as a Bush supporter during the Clinton years in school growing up, something about abortion that makes teachers cringe a bit and back off due to the controversial nature of that subject. It was good that my parents could make teachers cringe in every public school I attended. By junior high, I was able to know enough to speak about national security even when the teachers were skeptical (in fact, my creative writing teacher laughed at the notion that terrorists would ever strike the United States back in 1999...).

Fr. Corapi makes a good point about Catholic School students and Catholic Public School students though. "You want to see children stand up for the teachings of the Catholic Church, send them to public school". Reason being, there are far too many rebellious Catholic School Alumni who stray off they morals of they're parents and sell out to the world, becoming mindless liberals. However, there are exceptions to the rule stated, my wife is a Catholic School Alumni, and she's Conservative Catholic as ever (otherwise we'd never have married), and I'm a product of fighting my way through public school as and finding out what Conservative really means (proving Fr. Corapi to be correct in his assessment!).

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