I'll be working tomorrow...

...So if you need some ammo, high capacity magazines, barrel shrouds, an AR-15, or shiny new Ruger 10/22 targeted by the latest gun ban legislation come in in to Frontier Outfitters!

As always, buy what they are going to ban, its an investment! You'll watch the value climb! I guess you can say this is the good ol' days with whats coming up.

John Lott's Blog post on Fox News is a good read.

That and Radley Balko's blog about third party candidates getting the shaft is another fine read. This election, I did vote for a third party candidate for US Senate due to the lack of respect for life from the Democrat, and the felony conviction of the Republican. I believe they do need to be treated as equals and not bastard children by our government and media.

However, the fat lady has yet to sing.........

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