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I found this on a forum, and I thought it was great. Especially as we face a colder than normal winter here in Alaska with hole in the ozone above our heads!


Santa Live

Santa Cam! Provided by the Squirrel Cam!

Civil Courts, destroying justice, charity, and good Samaritans...

I couldn't believe this ABC story in LA. But then again, its California...

A lady pulls her friend out of a car wreck because she thinks she see's smoke. Now the paralyzed 'friend' is suing. What Crock of Crap. Personally, I think thats grounds for a legitimate murder. If you save someones life, and the sue you, there should be a law allowing the good Samaritan to turn around and kill the plaintiff in the lawsuit... Okay, maybe not... But damn, when someone saves a life, they need to be completely immune from any liability! Especially in car wrecks and other emergencies! I'm afraid to help people because of law suits (unless its CPR in which I am protected by the law...). If I pull someone out of burning vehicle, or a vehicle that could burn, I shouldn't be sued. If our courts have gone down the tubes this far, maybe its time to kill all the judges and lawyers and start from scratch. This is ridiculous.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is NOT what the Founding Fathers intended for our courts to be used on. I'm pretty sure if Washington pulled a man from a burning cart and un-intentionally paralyzed him while saving his life the man wouldn't have sued, even knowing Washington was a rich Virginian. But then, back then, if it did happen, I'm sure (even against the law) a man would have challenged the plaintiff to a duel and killed him for suing after he had save the plaintiffs life.

People who sue other for this, and the lawyers and judges who support such frivolous law suits are cancer to our society and the biggest threat to freedom this country faces. It will be the Courts that destroy America.


Vacation, and some great opportunities!

I've been enjoying a vacation with my wife. She's on vacation, I went to work for three days and stocked up our store with ammo, powder, and primers that came in two days in a row! I must say, they flew off the self too.

I also logged on to the IAVA's Community of Veterans website and joined the forum there. Wonderful community for any Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, every person there has been verified. If you are a GWOT vet, you send in a copy of your DD-214 (minus your SSN) and they'll invite you. Its good to have that level of background check to keep the posers out (no Jesse MacBeth's!).

Some of my cartoons caught the eye of some folks doing a benefit comic book for the wounded soldiers, I'll keep you all up to date on that. I did most of those comics when I was deployed with 4-25 BCT (ABN) at FOB Kalsu back in OCT06-MAY07. I've never posted any saving them for possible self publication, however, I find the idea of publishing 'pro-bono' as an effort for fund raising and assisting my brothers and sisters in arms much better. What can I say, I'm a charitable guy (down with Welfare! Welfare chokes Charity!).

I've been away from my blogs and my usual forums for good reason, and it hit me hard this morning when my Google Reader was clogged with just shy of 200 entries to read!


013DEC08, BTW, Saddam captured 5 years ago TODAY!

Well, I found a good organization to join up with: Vets for Freedom

Like many of the talented folks running this organization, I was over there and listening to the news and came home angry at the news. Nobody heard the good stuff, nobody dicussed sucess, and when the murder rate dropped during the first part of the surge all we heard from our media was 'already a failure'. Nothing gets a vet more wound up than lies about the war he's fighting being spewed from the TV screen on one end of the room while he's watching the battle unfold on the big screen in the middle of the room with the map of his AO on it.

I was a TACP. We went to Basic Training at Lackland Air Force base like every other Airman in the USAF, and then that ends our resemblence to the "Big Blue". From there we went to school at Hurlburt Field in Florida, and got kicked around, PT'ed, and they attempted to prepare us to out army the Army. They do a good job, they just can't prepare you deal with the Army, nothing can except jumping right into it... But thats just part of the initiation... Then if you are lucky, you go to SV-80 Survival School at Fairchild AFB in WA and see the "Big Blue" one last time before you head off the Army. I've been to Ft. Riley KS, Camp Casey ROK, and finally Ft. Wainwright AK... Now, on to the important stuff:

I spent my first tour in Iraq moving around constantly. One day I was in a Sryker following the commander of the 172nd SBCT around Mosul, the next day I was in our brigade tactical operations center (TOC) talking to the F-14's from the USS Theodore Roosevlet (on the last combats mission of the F-14 Tomcats!)

Overall it was a pretty good deployment. I expected it, my wife expected it too. We had just gotten married in May 2005, and I rolled out the door for the deployment in September. In July of that year, we learned we were going to have a baby! What a whirlwind that was! Married, going to be a dad, off to war we go! I got back in February 2006. Because of my promotion in the desert, I had to go to the USAF Airman Leadership School when I got back, because I 'sewed on' out in the desert, I had to go when I got back they said. I had a three day weekend with my wife, one of the days taken by in-processing... Then it was off to class.

That was bad. You don't go from the battlefield into ALS without taking comp time (14 days off to adjust to life again). I protested and went and complained to everybody in the chain of command. One can only take so much of people preaching "Service before self, you need to learn to sacrifice your time for the benefit of the US Air Force and expect 12 or more hour days" after fighting in Iraq for six months before seeing red... Nobody in that chain of command on Eielson AFB had a damn clue what was going on. I complained to my unit, they could do nothing. I complained to the ALS chain, from my class instructors to the ALS NCOIC, they 'couldn't do anything'... Then I had a chat with my chaplain. I was pissed. I was sad. I'd just come back from combat and all I wanted was my family. He talked to the commander of the school. I got a call from one of the instructors, suddenly they remembered that I had six months from the date I sewed on my SSgt. stripe to attend, and that I could be moved to the next class... Hmm... Funny how that works. Crazy how those paper pushers forget what the papers they push say on them. Needless to say, I got my comptime, and not more than a few days later my wife and I had our first child. That would have resulted in my being dropped from that particular class anyway, one of the other airman in my first ALS class was in the second course with me because his wife had they're first baby and he missed too many days of that course!

In July 2006 I found myself "volun-told" to attend my career fields 7-level Craftsmans course in Hurlburt Field Florida. This sucked. Another month away from home... But it had its benefits:

Lookie what I found! One of the Tomcats we worked with in Mosul! Its amazing how small the military community is sometimes. My best friend from high school was going to flight school at the Naval Air Base there and we hung out for a weekend. It was good to talk about old times with good friends! My little brother also paid me a visit, he was in Mississippi at the time and so he drove down and stayed for a bit. He's got some great pictures somewhere from Hurlburt Field...

This was also the trip when I learned I'd be deploying a second time. Un-expected, and with not a lot of time to prepare and no experience with the unit I was supporting. I'd at least trained with the 172nd SBCT since I arrived in Alaska back in July 2004. In July 2006 I had less than a year left in the Air Force, and 6 months of that was going to be spent deployed with a unit I'd never worked with! Why? Well, the 172nd whom I had supported got extended, and our airmen with them. We split army rotations in half, and end half our unit at a time (because the Air Force told us to!). Our squadron also became a headquarters and was to start a detachment down at Fort Richardson to support 4th BDE 25 INF (ABN), problem was the USAF Personnel Center couldn't fill our manpower fast enough and so I got detached to the detachment down there to support 4-25... Fun.

We deployed in NOV06. I flew in on a helicopter, and I got off on FOB Kalsu. I worked the TOC night shift (which thank God Iraq is exacly 12 hours opposite Alaska timezone wise, so it was normal days). I didn't do much beyond radio watch and the usual TOC duties that aren't really significant. In fact, we have a term for people who do the job like I did the second time around, FOBBIT. Yup, I ended my exciting career as a FOBBIT. But at least I got my fun the first time around. I did manage to do some good though:

I figure God wanted me over there a second time for something. Fr. Lawrence and I won't ever agree on things like politics or the war in Iraq, however, he's a great priest who helped me and a lot other soldiers through some very tough times. He did his job more than twice over, both as a chaplain and as Priest. He also helped me overcome some of my raw hatred toward my enemies among other important spiritual battles.

That deployment was from November 2006 to May 2007. I got out of the US Air Force on 01JUL07. All during my outprocessing folks on Eielson Air Force Base were freaking out that I didn't come sooner. "Where were you three months ago! This is long over-due! You need an appointment three weeks in advance! etc.. etc.. etc...". Yeah, go figure. Regular Air Force just don't really get it. But what can you expect from folks who have one deployment to Al-Udeid AB in Qatar that lasts only 4 months, or maybe a trip to K-2 Kyrgistan (spelling?) for six months every 3 years. By the way, Al-Udeid has a pool and Baskin Robbins Icecream... And they still whine about getting 'deployed'... Well, married folks I understand, being away from family even going to Hawaii sucks.

I'm out now, I really was glad to get out. But sometimes I do miss the military life. There's a lot of redeeming qualities to it, but now that I have my family, its not enough to have re-enlisted. After all, being a TACP and working with the Army like I did, I'm marked for life and would never be able to cross train into the "Blue" Air Force without having some force pulling me back to TACP unless I went and cross trained into another 'critically manned' career field that deploys just as much or works crazier hours like the Office of Special Investigations....

Since I've been out, I've worked as a part time clerk at a gun store and got my business license and have sold one painting (to Fr. Lawerance again, different one than pictured). I've also joined the Alaska State Defense Force where I'm learning to be a Constable for the State of Alaska and trying to keep some of the skills I've learned in the military alive and well. We live in a dangerous world, I plan on being actively involved in defending my community, this time locally. I do miss the active duty military, but I don't miss the deployments!

However based on what I saw, I can't stand what I see on the news as news. I'm mad as hell that the truth is buried and that a man who has no clue about Iraq is now going to be our President. I was over in Iraq watching the Surge begin its magic and I watched the reports (not the news, the S-2 feeds! The RAW data) flow in. Murder rates DROPPED and Obama and Hillary were screaming "Failure". BULL SHIT! Thats what gets me MAD AS HELL and thats why I've joined Vets for Freedom and will continue to be outspoken in support of what we have done in Iraq.


Dogs of War

Great poem by Russ Vaughn. What can I say, I'm a fan of Blackfive TV... So I share here with you and encourage you to go to Blackfive and find out whats really going on in the GWOT from those who fight it.

Onion crossing ethical lines.

Now, if you feel angry after watching that, like I did, here some email address to send a response to.

The Onion editorial email: editorial@theonion.com

Advertising at The Onion: advertising@theonion.com

Director of PR for Screen life, LLC: anita.lavine@screenlifegames.com

Sonic Director of External Communications: christi.woodworth@sonicdrivein.com

Sonic regional contact information can be found at:


This displayed some really callous attitudes about wounded soldiers who have a goal of re-joining their units at some point. Of a all the things to joke about and stick barbs into, this is a rather touchy subject to do that to. Most especially along these lines. I've met more than my share of good soldiers and airmen who continue to serve after grievous wounds, and I think this video is just plain sick.

Too bad they don't discuss gender equality in the military in the same light. They'll omit the sexual assault rate of the integrated military and the problems of expected service members to do the same job as everyone else while not expecting them to perform the same amount of push-ups, sit-ups, or run near as fast or far (and then wonder why male soldiers have an inherent distrust of female soldiers in combat until the female can prove herself).

The Onion is parody, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it was done in an attempt at good humor. They should know by now it came out bad. All they have done is show themselves to be stupid liberal idiots (I emphasize stupid liberal as separate from the smart liberals whom I have the honor of being friends with). Typical Hollywood view of the military. Of course, they know better than those of us who have chosen to serve, after all, military guys just couldn't make it in the real world and go to college right?

All well, just another nail in Hollywood's coffin in my book, but there's not a whole lot of wood left on that coffin to pound more nails into...


War on Religion in the UK, and Iran/Eritrea creating a strategic choke point.... But the Republicans have some hope!

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor discussing the secularization of Britain, immigration, and militant atheism running rampant. Basically, the Brits are starting to hate religious folks and treat them like crap. Yes, this is bad. Freedom OF Religion is NOT Freedom FROM Religion like the militant atheists proclaim. What is occurring is the warping of Freedom OF to Freedom FROM, by way of ignoring anything religious folks and groups have to say about society ranging from taking care of the poor on up. Yes, this is bad, this could lead to the end of charity in Britain and the total move to Government Welfare and from there the road to complete and total Socialism/Communism. History teaches us that Communists/Marxists all tend to attempt to destroy religion completely through force and brutality every time they take over. Europe teeters close to that edge, Britain is getting closer to Europe. As the EU considers special consideration for Homosexuality and establishing any criticism of homosexuality as hate speech, they move closer to closing churches and arresting priests and ministers for preaching that homosexuality is a sin (also conveniently erasing words like sin from the Oxford Dictionary). Think its a joke? Just look at the Human Rights Courts in Canada...

Then as if there wasn't bad news enough, Iran seems to be setting up a choke point in the Red Sea by stationing subs and ballistic missiles in Eritrea. Fighting piracy? Maybe, but I'm suspicious, Iran is far from being anything un-involved. After all, they like to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan whenever they get a chance.

Look this guy up! He's got an incredible story! He and our Governor Palin are the kind of Republicans that make us proud to call ourselves Republicans! He made history, and the folks in Orange County who thought that they would be the first to send a man or woman to DC are in total panic.

Home built UCAV!

Searching around, The Sniper's Blog today had a great video update:

Project for a 1911 pistol! Now, with a bit of refinement and a high capacity magazine, you can imagine the capabilities of this home built Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle with a small team. Just find a way to cut out rotor noise, or leave it for psychological effect! Mount a basic NVG optics along with the camera, get a good feed thats encrypted (don't use windows, use a GNU/Linux OS embedded into the equipment...) and perhaps a good ol IR pointer (the kind A-10 drivers use that is a small as a large ring mounted flashlight) and you have a decent infantry support platform.

Since is vulnerable, I'd think some small blocks of C4 to blow up the weapon should it crash would be advisable in some situations. That and take out the lower-receiver that is built for human hands and put in a more specialized receiver... That would be the area where the Contractors working for Uncle Sam would have to come in, namely because the Gang (BATFE for all you un-initiated liberals) would swoop in on this once they figured out the purpose... Another use for the C4, clearing a bunker/cave/room. If the situation is too hot, why use bullets when the cost/benefits might just mean expending on remote control helicopter and turning it into a flying claymore mine! In a small room those parts flying around would definitely take out all the terrorist in the room... HVT! Not a hostage rescue tactic by any means...


It is the eve of the most infamous day in American and Japanese History. This day in 1941 the Japanese prepared to launch one of the greatest surprise attacks in military history, and the most notable. A preemptive strike to cripple the US Navy and US Army Air Corps in the Pacific to allow for the expansion of the Japanese Empire. It was carried out in conjunction with diplomatic maneuvers, the ultimate deceptions and extreme radio silence resulted in a virtually text book perfect preemptive strike. Our intelligence services attempted to warn the US Government of the intentions of Japan, and this was years in the making (our consulate in China was attacked while evacuating on a ship in 1937, all hands were lost).

I had the great honor of meeting some survivors in Colorado Springs at Memorial Park when I was a Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadet at Mesa Ridge High School in Widefield Colorado. We would stand in formation and assist in the Honor Guard and Wreath Laying along with the Sea Cadets and Young Marines and our sister school Widefield High School (who also had a NJROTC). In formation I remember a speech given by one of these men who survived the attack, he warned of the need for vigilance in our times, even with how relatively 'peaceful' the 1990's were. This was sometime in the between the year 1997-1999, I don't remember which year it was exactly (we did this every year!).

Later on in my time in high school, my senior year (class of 2000!) I got into a debate with my Creative Writing Teacher (whom was very proud of marrying a Vietnam draft dodger who ate soap to fail a physical...) about why I intended to join the military. She asked me who we needed to defend ourselves from, I mentioned China at first (after all, they had just stolen our nuclear secrets along with funding part of Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaigns...), and she asked me who else. When I mentioned terrorists, she just laughed.

9/11/01, these two snid-bits of speeches and conversations haunted me. I was in the US Air Force, and had just gotten Combat Mission Ready in July. I was ready, I was on duty, and I felt that I was where God wanted me (I still had the same pit in my stomach that everybody felt, yet I also felt a strange peace about it too...).

Never forget, never stop the vigilance!

Things to note about Pearl Harbor...

Along with the famous "Sleeping Giant" quote:

Admiral Yamamoto: "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." Advising Japan's military leaders of the futility of an invasion of the mainland United States because of the widespread availability of guns. It has been theorized that this was a major contributing factor in Japan's decision not to land on North America early in the war when they had vastly superior military strength. This delay gave our industrial infrastructure time to gear up for the conflict and was decisive in our later victory.

I should include, that the Alaska Territorial Guard epitomized this statement by the Admiral...


Gun Control, BAD!

John R. Lott puts it best on this Fox News Blog posting.

In India, the cops are wimps. Men armed with illegal guns tore up the city without opposition, and the only legal guns were in the hands of cowards with badges.

In New York City, and idiot NFL player puts a bullet in his leg through a negligent discharge; and of course Mayor Bloomberg is salivating over his latest target. Never mind the draconian gun control laws that leave the populace as vulnerable as those in Mumbai India.

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