Civil Courts, destroying justice, charity, and good Samaritans...

I couldn't believe this ABC story in LA. But then again, its California...

A lady pulls her friend out of a car wreck because she thinks she see's smoke. Now the paralyzed 'friend' is suing. What Crock of Crap. Personally, I think thats grounds for a legitimate murder. If you save someones life, and the sue you, there should be a law allowing the good Samaritan to turn around and kill the plaintiff in the lawsuit... Okay, maybe not... But damn, when someone saves a life, they need to be completely immune from any liability! Especially in car wrecks and other emergencies! I'm afraid to help people because of law suits (unless its CPR in which I am protected by the law...). If I pull someone out of burning vehicle, or a vehicle that could burn, I shouldn't be sued. If our courts have gone down the tubes this far, maybe its time to kill all the judges and lawyers and start from scratch. This is ridiculous.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is NOT what the Founding Fathers intended for our courts to be used on. I'm pretty sure if Washington pulled a man from a burning cart and un-intentionally paralyzed him while saving his life the man wouldn't have sued, even knowing Washington was a rich Virginian. But then, back then, if it did happen, I'm sure (even against the law) a man would have challenged the plaintiff to a duel and killed him for suing after he had save the plaintiffs life.

People who sue other for this, and the lawyers and judges who support such frivolous law suits are cancer to our society and the biggest threat to freedom this country faces. It will be the Courts that destroy America.

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