Home built UCAV!

Searching around, The Sniper's Blog today had a great video update:

Project for a 1911 pistol! Now, with a bit of refinement and a high capacity magazine, you can imagine the capabilities of this home built Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle with a small team. Just find a way to cut out rotor noise, or leave it for psychological effect! Mount a basic NVG optics along with the camera, get a good feed thats encrypted (don't use windows, use a GNU/Linux OS embedded into the equipment...) and perhaps a good ol IR pointer (the kind A-10 drivers use that is a small as a large ring mounted flashlight) and you have a decent infantry support platform.

Since is vulnerable, I'd think some small blocks of C4 to blow up the weapon should it crash would be advisable in some situations. That and take out the lower-receiver that is built for human hands and put in a more specialized receiver... That would be the area where the Contractors working for Uncle Sam would have to come in, namely because the Gang (BATFE for all you un-initiated liberals) would swoop in on this once they figured out the purpose... Another use for the C4, clearing a bunker/cave/room. If the situation is too hot, why use bullets when the cost/benefits might just mean expending on remote control helicopter and turning it into a flying claymore mine! In a small room those parts flying around would definitely take out all the terrorist in the room... HVT! Not a hostage rescue tactic by any means...

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