Onion crossing ethical lines.

Now, if you feel angry after watching that, like I did, here some email address to send a response to.

The Onion editorial email: editorial@theonion.com

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This displayed some really callous attitudes about wounded soldiers who have a goal of re-joining their units at some point. Of a all the things to joke about and stick barbs into, this is a rather touchy subject to do that to. Most especially along these lines. I've met more than my share of good soldiers and airmen who continue to serve after grievous wounds, and I think this video is just plain sick.

Too bad they don't discuss gender equality in the military in the same light. They'll omit the sexual assault rate of the integrated military and the problems of expected service members to do the same job as everyone else while not expecting them to perform the same amount of push-ups, sit-ups, or run near as fast or far (and then wonder why male soldiers have an inherent distrust of female soldiers in combat until the female can prove herself).

The Onion is parody, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it was done in an attempt at good humor. They should know by now it came out bad. All they have done is show themselves to be stupid liberal idiots (I emphasize stupid liberal as separate from the smart liberals whom I have the honor of being friends with). Typical Hollywood view of the military. Of course, they know better than those of us who have chosen to serve, after all, military guys just couldn't make it in the real world and go to college right?

All well, just another nail in Hollywood's coffin in my book, but there's not a whole lot of wood left on that coffin to pound more nails into...

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