Vacation, and some great opportunities!

I've been enjoying a vacation with my wife. She's on vacation, I went to work for three days and stocked up our store with ammo, powder, and primers that came in two days in a row! I must say, they flew off the self too.

I also logged on to the IAVA's Community of Veterans website and joined the forum there. Wonderful community for any Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, every person there has been verified. If you are a GWOT vet, you send in a copy of your DD-214 (minus your SSN) and they'll invite you. Its good to have that level of background check to keep the posers out (no Jesse MacBeth's!).

Some of my cartoons caught the eye of some folks doing a benefit comic book for the wounded soldiers, I'll keep you all up to date on that. I did most of those comics when I was deployed with 4-25 BCT (ABN) at FOB Kalsu back in OCT06-MAY07. I've never posted any saving them for possible self publication, however, I find the idea of publishing 'pro-bono' as an effort for fund raising and assisting my brothers and sisters in arms much better. What can I say, I'm a charitable guy (down with Welfare! Welfare chokes Charity!).

I've been away from my blogs and my usual forums for good reason, and it hit me hard this morning when my Google Reader was clogged with just shy of 200 entries to read!

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