War on Religion in the UK, and Iran/Eritrea creating a strategic choke point.... But the Republicans have some hope!

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor discussing the secularization of Britain, immigration, and militant atheism running rampant. Basically, the Brits are starting to hate religious folks and treat them like crap. Yes, this is bad. Freedom OF Religion is NOT Freedom FROM Religion like the militant atheists proclaim. What is occurring is the warping of Freedom OF to Freedom FROM, by way of ignoring anything religious folks and groups have to say about society ranging from taking care of the poor on up. Yes, this is bad, this could lead to the end of charity in Britain and the total move to Government Welfare and from there the road to complete and total Socialism/Communism. History teaches us that Communists/Marxists all tend to attempt to destroy religion completely through force and brutality every time they take over. Europe teeters close to that edge, Britain is getting closer to Europe. As the EU considers special consideration for Homosexuality and establishing any criticism of homosexuality as hate speech, they move closer to closing churches and arresting priests and ministers for preaching that homosexuality is a sin (also conveniently erasing words like sin from the Oxford Dictionary). Think its a joke? Just look at the Human Rights Courts in Canada...

Then as if there wasn't bad news enough, Iran seems to be setting up a choke point in the Red Sea by stationing subs and ballistic missiles in Eritrea. Fighting piracy? Maybe, but I'm suspicious, Iran is far from being anything un-involved. After all, they like to kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan whenever they get a chance.

Look this guy up! He's got an incredible story! He and our Governor Palin are the kind of Republicans that make us proud to call ourselves Republicans! He made history, and the folks in Orange County who thought that they would be the first to send a man or woman to DC are in total panic.

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