15JAN2009 USAF developing some pests for terrorists...

Are our allies about to shaft good troops? The Brits seemed poised to dump the Gurka Regiment, recruited from Nepal, due to the costs of giving them full servicemen's benefits! Anybody with a brain and a little knowledge of military history knows this is completely stupid. Among the elite fighting units in the world, Gurka's are tops! Many Japanese soldiers found themselves headless at the hands of a Gurka in Burma and throughout the Pacific Theater during WWII... Where ever the Brits have stood with us, the Gurkas were there!

Prop 8 supporters have been put on an internet hitlist, and the Left just doesn't see how bad an idea it is at all, yet they get bent when idiots put abortion doctors on similar lists... If its an abortion clinic or doctor on a map, its domestic terror; if its Prop 8 supporters, its a map for 'engagement' and boycott (yeah right, more like "vandalize here").

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