"A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killers hands." Lucius Annaeus Seneca 45 AD

South Korean Masseur confesses to killing seven women. "He told police he approached his victims for sex — or with the intent to rape them — and then strangled them with a pair of stockings, Park said at a briefing Friday. Kang said he then buried their bodies."

This isn't the first time something like this has occurred. In May 2006 a Clemson University student was strangled with her swim suit.

Again we can see that men will do violence no matter the tools they use. Just ask prison guards what they find prisoners using... The problem isn't guns, knives, or womens clothing; the problem is human nature. Murderers, Rapists, Molesters, and other such scum and villainy are evil people and need to be isolated and yes, executed. Its obvious that there was a pattern of suspicion prior to the final killing that landed these men in jail this time around. Reform is possible for some criminals, but cold blooded killers and violent rapists seem to all develop too much of a violent mentality that might very well be beyond reform and should NEVER leave prison (at the least).

That, and the right to defend yourself should never be subverted by any government. Police cannot be there all the time, and therefore every adult citizen has a duty to be ready to defend themselves or their neighboors. Nothing upsets me more than the 'big city mentality' of "its none of my business" while they turn the other way when someone is mugged, beaten, stabbed, or shot. Your damn right its your business. If you have the right to be able to carry out a Citizens Arrest in most areas in our country, therefore if you do nothing you are an assecory to the crime in my opinion.

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