Case against Hamas: the terrorist group

"Don't negotiate with terrorist" I believe Regan believed in that philosophy, and Libya found out the hard way...

Son of a Hamas Leader's insight into the organization.
Hamas rockets nearing the Israeli nuclear facility, and other details like the MK-84 2000 lbs bomb killing a Hamas leader (good riddance!).

Are there innocents that die in air strikes? Yes. Especially when you have terrorist setting up rockets in housing developments known as 'refugee camps'. This happens to us in Iraq, this war in Israel is one of the training grounds for the future enemies of the United States (actually, the present enemies of the United States). Setup rockets around house, and boo hoo when the "Imperialist/Zionists Satans" bomb the POO (Point Of Origin).

Hamas is very simply a terrorist organization dedicated to the complete destruction of the nation of Israel, and the genocide of the Jews within that country. Hamas is backed by Iran (along with Hezbollah...). Hamas also has "civil service" cells within its organizations that serve a propaganda purpose to put a nice face on the evil that they commit. Doctors, and aid workers who sympathize with Hamas perform good works and make it look like it is just a legitimate party seeking the favor of the people in need. This is how terror cells work. You have cells, each cell does specialized functions and and are independent of each other whilst working for the same cause and providing a layer of plausible deniablity, redundancy, and insulation from complete destruction by an enemy. Terrorist organizations provide the best mix of organized crime, Soviet Communist/Maoist revolutionary doctrine, and a little Middle Eastern ingenuity to make up incredibly capable organizations (in some cases, most however get busted up pretty quick by squared away forces hunting them, you just don't hear about it because these amateurs rarely are able to do much damage that attracts the press like flies).

Hamas saved up for this attack. They took over, and have been planning this for our Election cycle to see what happens. This is not unusual. Our enemies have our election cycle down pat and take every advantage of it possible. I strongly suspect that Iran, Hamas, and other terrorists are coordinating for some massive strikes, bloodshed, and chaos to be unleashed by the time Obama takes office. The usual cycle will repeat. It goes like this, 1) Hamas launches rockets and breaks the cease fire 2) Israel stikes back at Hamas, and of course since Hamas launches attacks from areas of high population density civilians die 3) Media comes out favoring Hamas and showing dead Palestinian children 4) Pro-Palestinian protests (pre-planned by Hamas sympathizers and propaganda cells here in the US and elsewhere) begin 5) UN Secretary General denounces violence, says nothing about Hamas while urging Israel to show up at the table 6) Israel sends in ground forces, more atrocities staged as Hamas shoots at Israelis behind a shield of civilians 7) suicide attacks occur on the battlefield as well as within Israel behind the lines 8) Israeli military operations continue, Hamas continues using rockets 9) Lots die, proportionately more Hamas die due to staged atrocities involving youth, rocks, and shooters from within the crowd of youths against tanks and troops 10) World opinion again turns against Israel, a ceasefire is signed, more land is given to Hamas; Hamas re-stocks rockets in preparation for the next round of attacks... Cycle repeats. Change the name of Hamas to Hezbollah, and you have the same story to the North.

Too bad Olmert doesn't seem to be the leader with the ka-hoonas to wipe Hamas out. Too bad our next President won't either. What is needed is we need to stay out of the way and hold the UN back and allow Israel to do what is needed. Its not about race, its about wiping out terrorism. Arab-Israelis have done very well in Israel... Its obvious that they want to be victims, so they should be left to be victims of themselves and they should suffer for tolerating terrorist scum like Hamas. Yes, they should fear the plagues and famine of war. They brought war upon themselves in they're own hatred of "Zionists". Israel is no innocent victim, however, it was the Palestinians who fled in ignorance and fear when there was no reason for it. After all, it was the Palestinians who threatened to drive Zionists into the sea and therefore feared the same when the Zionists won the war of independence. Arab-Israelis are a testament to the fact that the fear these made these Palestinians flee in 1948 was unfounded. As far as I'm concerned, if you are a 3rd Generation Refugee, you are native to your area and no longer a refugee... It is also known that the leader of the Palestinians that fought Israel during the War of Independence was a guest of Germany during Hitlers Third Reich after he was kicked out of the Palestinian province by the British for organizing anti-Jew riots prior to WWII. He and his political leadership may have never had reconciliation with the Zionists, but the rest of the population could have. But they chose to listen to the propaganda and flee, and drag they're ancestors into perpetual war.

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