Geneva Conventions protected sites, UN Run, and still being used as staging grounds....

Israel has once again exercised its right to a reprisal. A reprisal is allowed when an enemy ignores the Geneva Conventions and continues to violate them, a reprisal however cannot violate the Geneva Conventions. Israel very simply, just fired upon a mortar team that was operating on the grounds of a UN run school; that is not a violation of the Geneva Conventions due to the fact that the protected status is no longer valid. Once a structure is being actively used for military purposes, it loses any protection under the Geneva Conventions. This includes but is not limited to schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, synagogues, and other cultural structures. Of course, the shrill anti-Zionist crowd love to tout phrases like "ethnic cleansing" along with "evil-imperialists".

Now, I have a hard time crying over dead terrorists. I do feel bad for the civilians, but at the same time I'm mad as hell at terrorists, I'm mad at the UN. Why are they allowing terrorists to set up mortars and rockets on the premises? But then, I'm sure they aren't going to risk they're lives for the Israelis by telling Hamas to get the hell off they're property. On the other side, Israel might reconsider shooting back and set up NFA's over the UN schools just as a PR measure and then storm the schools and clean out the shooters individually. This isn't the first time the UN sat with thumbs up arses while Hamas or Hezbollah setup rockets and mortars on UN property (which became a target for counter fire from Israel).

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Whats even more disturbing is the increase in anti-Semitic activity in Europe. Breitbart story. I'm not sure its all just Muslim immigrants it either, some of these places have a proud history of anti-Semitic activity that only got shoved aside for a short time after WWII and started up again in the 1990's. Got to love those Neo-Nazi scumbags.

Finally, I always love a good UFO siting! WCBS story Personally, I always go for the Top Secret aircraft developed by Skunk Works theory before I ever think alien or weather phenomenon. That, only after they determine its not a prank or a normal military plane dropping flares.

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