UN mis-managment costing more lives

Reuters Article about UN pressure for Israel to stop offensive operations against Hamas (who shot over 3,000 rockets at Southern Israel during the 'cease fire').

Again, the UN only wants peace when Israel is going to wipe out terrorists. Without terrorists and a 'Palestinian Crisis' the UN would cease to exist and not know what to justify its existence with! Of course, there is always the Darfur situation which they ignore and do nothing, or maybe the Balkans in which it required the action of NATO to really stop any violence... UN, you have failed like you did the first time in Korea. Everything these guys touch goes to hell in a hand basket.

I like what this Israeli soldier has to say about "Security First, Negotiations Second". After all, Gaza was taken over by Hamas in 2007, and was released from Israeli control back in 2005... In a bid for peace which hasn't come at all. So, land for peace is about as likely to work as a screen door on a submarine!

On top of that, there seems to be a sudden resurgence in Neo-Nazi activity coming from the Islamo-fascists around the world and including the United States:

I think I caught a sign in there with Che Guevara on it! Liberal Fascism at its finest! Of course, this doesn't help those of us who can't trust Islam's portrayal of itself as a religion of peace. After all, you catch a snidbit of someone Islamic apologist going on about how "once people understand the true nature of Islam, they will have NO CHOICE BUT TO SUBMIT TO IT, its part of their nature". Typical Islam, religion of submission. The Slave of God. I'm a Child of God, not a slave. That is the main difference between the beliefs of God by the Children of Abraham.

Back that up with this article on Martyrdom by the Catholic.org and we might have a case of insomnia. In the 20th Century, more people have died for their faith than all the other last 19 centuries combined. Communism killed more people in a month than the entire Inquisition killed in its decades of existence. Along with Communism, radical Islam kills the next highest number of Christians and Catholics around the world. When you compare the numbers, Communists, Nazis, and Islamo-fascists have killed more people. So much for the idea that the enemy of the world is the Capitalist White Christian Male! No, the enemy of the world is the atheist socialist or radical Islamo-fascist.

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