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Never mind the law... Planned Parenthood does as they please.

As a parent, this pisses me off. Until my kids are 18, I have a right to know everything they do, especially when it comes to something like this! As a parent, I have a right to say to my children, "too bad, your going to have the baby and you are going to give the baby up for adoption if you don't want it! Oh, and by the way, you have to pay me back for all the expenses at the hospital". That, and if its statutory rape, I need to know so I can a) castrate the offender or b) be rational and call the police. I have a right to say "NO!" to my children if they seek an abortion, because they are MY children and while they live in MY house there will be no legalized murder committed under my roof. If that means casting them out into the cold cruel world, I'll turn them over the State myself and emancipate them!

Obviously, Planned Parenthood in Arizona needs raided by the law enforcement agency responsible for investigating any possible rapes covered up by these actions. They clearly violate the law in this example, and clearly the counselor is so experienced with that situation that they need to be brought before trial. Close the courts, seal the records, do what is necessary for patients privacy, but by golly SEEK JUSTICE and hunt the damn sicko molesters out there (and I'm not talking about the 19 year old guys with 16 year old girlfriends that they met a year ago in high school, we are talking about the more than 10 year difference between the 27 year old and a 15 year old).

I'm off to puke now. God help us all!

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