14FEB09, Operating System Blues...

...well, really its the fact that I dropped my lovely wife off at the airport so she could fly out on a business trip on Valentines Day that causes most of the blues (something about needing so many hours of continuing education to keep her Veterinary License... She mentioned that the state audits them too... gee, like that every really scared anyone...).

Well, Friday I purchased a new 120GB HD for my IBM Thinkpad R50e that only had a 30 GB with a dual boot of Windows XP Pro (OEM XP Home+ XP PRO SP upgrade) and Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS. I took that out and and stuck the new 120GB in, and loaded up my beta version of the 32 bit Windows 7. It worked, sorta. Its missing the drivers for my built in WAN, and Intel graphics chipset. So, everything worked but the games, and I'm sure Blender wouldn't run to good either... Then I really threw a wrench into the works when I only had Windows 7 take up 60GB of the 120 in one partition, and then I try to install the latest version of Ubuntu 8.10. Ubuntu didn't want to go on the empty partition, oh no, it wanted to be on the same damn partition as Windows despite the 60GB of completely unused space! Then Ubuntu chokes out on, and my display seems out of whack, it gives me the "your display screwed up 6 times in 90 seconds, waiting two minutes to start again" several times. It never makes it. Windows does the check disk, and so when Windows wants me to log on, I restart and have Ubuntu take over the ENTIRE HD, so far, nothing has happened.

I'm attempting to reinstall the Beta of Windows 7, so far it seems impossible... All well, back to square one! Put in the old HD with good ol XP again! At least my games and Blender will work...

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