16FEB2009 Updates on may things...

...But first and foremost, Happy Birthday Kevin! My little brother has turned 25 today, he is now entering the complete frosting melting point on the birthday cakes.

Untold Stories from Iraq Update!

Clayton Merwin was interviewed by his home news paper the Daily News Record, you can read more about here on his art blog

I'm also penciling about three new cartoons from the soon to be infamous “Morale File” to send Clayton's way! Should be good content! I might try to squeeze in a few more as appropriate! I'm also working with one of my old co-workers on an interesting incident while we were in Iraq for the graphic novel, I'll have other updates about that Friday, and maybe even his permission to post a video clip on the blogs about the incident...

Finally, something very near and dear to my heart these days, the Second Amendment. Our unit's fund raising group, Alaska Territorial Guard Inc., carried out our annual Gun Show! We had record attendance and sold out of all raffle tickets! It was a smashing success! For more information on ASDF or the original WWII era ATG, click on the patch on the page.

Also, our community is getting together and sending a clear message to our national politicians, state politicians, local government, courts, etc. Tonight I attended the second meeting of our local 2nd Amendment Taskforce to listen to what they came up with at the first meeting and discuss various House Resolutions, Senate Resolutions, etc. that have come up. Schaeffer Cox spent a great deal of time discussing each one and whom to call about what. Needless to say, I've got some phone calls to make tomorrow (along with email, and letters).

First we discussed HR 833, a Resolution demanding the end of the Federal Reserve system. If you haven't noticed, it only benefits the few and leaves our currency in tatters... Its a demand that Congress take charge of our currency and not a Federal Reserve Bank that is NOT a government agency at all, and a return to the good ol fashioned gold and silver standard. Then Congress can't pass the buck about why theres so much inflation... We all will be calling US Representative Don Young at (907) 456-0210 and urging him to support this resolution. Yes, this deals with the second amendment, because it deals with the Constitution and the return to Constitutional ways of doing business and prevents the government from saying “you want food, give us your guns and we'll give you food”.

Next we discussed Montana's HB 246 that just passed the Montana State House (bill text). We need to contact Alaska Representative John Harris to introduce a similarly worded measure!

Next was Alaska HR 463 Jury Rights Notification, and we were urged to call Representative John Coghill (blog) at 877-465-3719 to reintroduce and support the measure.

Also Michael Dukes (blog) read a 10th Amendment State Sovereignty Act that should be introduced into our House and Senate declaring the 10th Amendment and reminding Congress, the President, and the Courts, that it is the States rights under the constitution to regulate within they're own borders and NOT the job of the Federal Government who's purpose is to deal with the arena outside the country (diplomatic, military, foreign trade, etc...). This is mostly in response to DC trying to get states in lockstep by cutting off Federal Highway funding if they don't do certain things the Federal Government wants (Real ID Act, Speed Limits, you name it...) along with the un-Constitutional gun legislation.

Finally, I signed the following letter that was drafted at the first meeting last Monday at Denny's and signed by 120 people:

“Let it be known that we, the people of Alaska, stand in recognition of the true principle that whenever a government abandons the purpose for which we have created it and even becomes hostile towards that which it was once a defender of, it is no longer a fit steward of the political power that is inherent in the people and lent to this government with strict conditions. These conditions are clearly defined in the United States Constitution and understood by the common man. Furthermore, to the extent that our government violates these conditions, they nullify their own authority, at which point it is our right and duty, not as subjects but as sovereign Americans, to entrust this power to new stewards who will not depart from the laws we have given them.
This being the case, let it be known that should our government seek to further tax, restrict or register firearms or otherwise impose on the right that shall not be infringed, thus impairing our ability to exercise the God-given right to self-defense which precedes all human legislation and is superior to it, that the duty of us good and faithful people will not be to obey them but to alter or abolish them and institute new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to us shall seem most likely to effect our safety and happiness.”

Tonight, there were nearly 500 people or more sitting in Friends Church (my guesstimate based on the fact that there were seats for 700 people)

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