23FEB09 Startup, and my new toys...eh..er...duty rig!

I deposited my first check from my first painting commission into my new business account! I suppose that counts as Start Up for my small business, Sutherland's Ink!

That and I just got my new holster in the mail from Tactical Tailor! I love those guys! Good gear made here in the US of A (unlike they're competitors who charge twice as much for gear that wears out faster and is made in Vietnam, *cough* Craphawk *cough*).

http://www.tacticaltailor.com/modularlightholster.aspx This holster is about $40.00 and fits my Kimber Warrior 1911 with a Streamlight M-3 flashlight perfectly! It needs breaking in... But thats normal! Good nylon!

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