27FEB09 Graphic Novel Update

From Clayton Murwin:

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February 26th 2009

Hello Everyone I will be announcing some big news in the next week or so regarding the Graphic Novel progress. But right now I wanted to Bring you all up to date on some things I am working on. On June 13 2009, I will be heading up a Fundraiser for the printing cost of the book which is $6,294 for a 5000 print run. This will be in Broadway VA at Broadway Heritage Park.or at the VFW on route #259 if it rains out. This is going to be a one day event. There will be a cover charge to attend the event, which is where we will make our money for the book. But it will be well worth it as we will be having comic book artist, bands, refreshments, Military servicemen as Guest of honor that we will be honoring for their service. Also there will be a few Hollywood actors attending as well. Keep your eyes on this page as I will be announcing guest names in the coming weeks upon confirmation. Also my good friend John Parker of Post Mortem Comic Studios will also be holding a Fund raiser for the printing cost of the book in his state of N.C. on August 7th and 8th I will give location details as I receive them. The stories for the novel have started coming in now and I have started sending out the stories to various people so far , as more come in the rest of you that have agreed to work on the book will be getting something shortly from me.Well that's the most recent News I have for everyone so just remember and if you close to or in the area please come to the fundraiser and show your support for what we are trying to do. Thanks for reading speak to you soon!

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