Articles of concern:

From the North...
Russian TU-95 Bomber (with a reconnaissance payload no doubt) was interecepted by CF-18 fighters approaching Canadian Airspace, during President Obama's trip... Something that was quite normal during the Cold War and has been happening to Alaska and Canada more often these days...

TU-95 info from Global Security

...To the South:
Mexico, Iran, and Assault Weapons?!
Iran seeking to deepen trade relations with Mexico
Drug War in Mexico, lends to the instability...
Of course, Robert Holder thinks that banning Assault Weapons will help Mexico more than a fence. Maybe if Mexico actually built a fence on they're side, weapons wouldn't wind up in Mexico... Of course, we need to build a fence on our side too to keep the drugs out... Anyone else scared about that 'perfect storm' Glenn Beck refers too here?

As if that wasn't concern enough, Argentina got bent out of shape over some CIA comments about the economic crisis causing instability of regimes in South America (while Iran flirts with South America...).

To his credit, Obama isn't completely screwing up in Iraq! This part really gets his base upset at him: "The president will also order U.S. military commanders to leave a residual force of between 35,000 and 50,000 troops in Iraq. Under the Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government, the U.S. must remove all military personnel by Dec. 31, 2011." Well, at least there is a SOFA, and its at the behest of the Iraqi Government very nearly on their feet solidly (they are on their feet now and learning walking again, soon they shall run...).

Typical, folks in the concrete jungles with heads stuck up they're anus! They propose taxing by the mileage to fund Federal highway projects. In other words, folks in sub urban or rural areas will be hit the hardest, while all those city folk will just decide to start walking or riding bikes... Yeah right. We already pay 18.4 cents to the feds on a gallon of gasoline (24.4 cents for diesel) and its not enough they say. Well, maybe its high time to turn the interstates over to states to maintain and let each state determine who they are going to raise the capital to repair and maintain the interstates. Holy smokes, what an idea, going back to the Constitution and LIMITING the Federal Government... As far as taxes go, our glorious leadership needs to quit hanging around DC and the country clubs and start driving on those highways too and from they're home states. Especially Nancy Pelosi. She needs the sticker shock of gasoline prices driving in the winter across the country from San Fransisco to Washington DC in her Prius. But then, she would actually have to interact with REAL Americans along the way in the mid west... You know, the ones who get shafted with her tax policies...

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