31MAR09 In preparation for April Fools...

...I have been scanning my computers for viruses just in case this story about the Worm going around is as bad as it could be!

"Detecting a Conficker infection is actually very easy. One of the telltale signs is if you're able to navigate the Internet freely but can't access Microsoft's site or the sites for the major antivirus software vendors. Conficker's authors included that feature to prevent infected machines from downloading programs that remove the worm."

Knowing the information I quoted above from the article, I'm not infected. I haven't had any problems accessing Microsoft's website or AVG's, or any other security site that provides consumers with security software. But just to be sure, I am scanning my hard drives. One cannot be too careful with malicious code.

Once again, EnviroMENTALists are saying our Earth's population is un-sustainable. Dr. Fedoroff is the latest in a long line of folks to think so. What is funny about this, and every time, is that its been said so many time since the late 1960's. In fact, the end of the world and massive starvation and cannibalism should have been around 1987 or so... then it was 2000... Now what? Soylent Green anyone?!

So, when will Alaska get some cameras on towers to keep the riff raff from Canada out? Or maybe we need them on the West Coast of Alaska for winter time when the ice bridge forms all the way to Russia, we need to keep an eye out for "Frostbacks" and Spetznatz!

31MAR09 Guns and Alcohol

Proof that drunk driving is much more dangerous than firearms.

It takes the US Government a while to interpret statistics, except for the FBI... FBI has statistics for 2009 already in the Uniform Crime Reports... But then thats what they do is gather that information at a near real time basis from law enforcement around the country...

Anyway, I heard about an editorial cartoon or some such in the Daily News Miner. Not sure if its real however. It could be comments on the article... Anyway, a someone expounded on a Lower 48 idea of "Which is worse, open carry or open container?". Without a doubt, open container is vastly more deadly than firearm! Lets look at the FBI UCR with regards to murder with firearms for 2005 and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Report for 2005 (the latest I could find for NHTSA) about DUI deaths.

In 2005 NHTSA reported that 43,443 people died on US Highways from alcohol related accidents in vehicles. FBI reported that 1.4 million drivers were arrested for DWI of alcohol and narcotics (quoted in the NHSTA report)

Meanwhile the FBI 2005 UCR expanded table for homicide reports about 14,860 homicides committed with firearms.

Thats one hell of a margin ain't it!


29MAR09 Tea Party Prep...

My number one grievance listed, apology demanded.

I'm still pissed off about this.

After dealing with THOUSANDS of pages of Rules of Engagement, Restrictions, Special Instructions, etc; and still getting denials for dropping bombs. After filling out several pages of paper work and getting thorough debriefings for firing two warning shots into the gravel should in Iraq. After all that legalism piled on top of war fighting, the then Junior Senator form Illinois had the nerve to say that. Of course, he just proved how incompetent he was from the get go. Now, we call him Mr. President.

Its no wonder we suffer right now. With this cluelessness at the helm...

Here are my tea bags

One for each member of family to send!


27MAR09, MIAC retracts and is under investigation, Russia gears up for an Arctic Force....

Kansas City Star reports that MIAC is being reviewed right now and how they file reports, like the one that classified anyone supporting third party candidates and the Pro-Life movement as domestic terrorists, will likely change. In other words, instead of immediate distribution, they will have to be reviewed by a distinct chain of command prior to release. Sounds like that would have been smart from the outset... But MIAC lacked the common sense and decided to jump on the band wagon touted by the College Professor bandwagon that the only real terrorists are Conservative, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Third Party Americans....

Russia has an ever increasing interest in the Arctic region. Not only have they laid claims to resources well outside Russia's territorial waters, but they also intend to beef up and stand up an Arctic military force. Canada is reasonably concerned enough to start beefing up its forces in the North as well... So far, it doesn't seem that our President or DoD is paying attention... But then, they just keep deploying the only Arctic specialist units in the country to Iraq and Afghanistan (the desert)... Go figure. So that leaves the Alaska National Guard and the Alaska State Defense Force. We got some work to do!

This map just illustrates the incredibly short distances between Russia, Alaska, and Canada....

Morse Code or Texting.... Which is faster?



24MAR09 Chandler's Watch Blog Talk Radio Interview!


Clayton Merwin spoke about the graphic novel "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan" recently on the Blog Talk Radio broadcast "Chandlers Watch". It was a fantastic first hour interview! Good update for anyone interested in tracking our project! I'm a few days behind in my blogging lately... Mostly my ranting about other subjects and being interrupted by life as it happens (namely potty training or diaper changes, or both at once...).

Also in the world of my work for good causes, the 2nd Amendment Task Force here in Fairbanks has a T-Shirt Committee that I am an active participant in, namely doing the graphics. We held a meeting yesterday evening at Denny's (where the entire task force started in the first place) and finalized the design. Here is:

Everyone at the meeting seemed happy with the idea of the Brown Bess Musket crossed with the M-4/AR-15. Schaeffer Cox came up with the final saying after we bounced around a few other ideas. It works perfectly with the symbols. My reason for choosing a Brown Bess with the bayonet attached along with the M-4 with the bayonet was to display the quintessential battle field rifles of the time frames used by Americans be they militia, the citizen, or the professional soldier. Obviously, I'm pointing out the absurdity of the 'assault weapons' ban of 1994 and similar measures that restrict the private citizens right to bear the same arms used by the military, because there were no such distinctions in 1776. Our founders intended for use to maintain the 'assault rifles' of the day and continue to be able to freely maintain them. "Times Change but People Don't." is the perfect example of this. We still have governmental powers that think the people should serve them, and the people should be restricted from being able to exact change upon the government; and we still have those of us who like the founding fathers know that our government was made to serve the people and was limited in scope and authority on purpose due to the abuses of King George III.


23MAR09 There are NO Routine Traffic stops....

...only 'unknown risk' traffic stops.

Case in point, Oakland this last Saturday. The suspect opened fire immediately and killed two motorcycle police officers and ran off. He barricaded himself into an apartment and used a rifle banned in California and killed one more SWAT officer and wounded others. I'm glad that we all train that each traffic stop may result in violence, sometimes you can't do much about that, other times, you just make sure your tactics are adjusted as such and contact the driver correctly.

Complacency will get you killed. Also, if you are annoyed by how 'paranoid' the officer is treating you, get over it. Walk a mile in his shoes, and you'll understand. I was lucky, I was in Iraq and had a slightly looser ROE in that regard... I also make sure I don't get pulled over by actually driving the speed limit too... So far, my wife is the only one who has been pulled over! I don't know, maybe I just have that 'good guy' look or something (*knocks on wood*).

They call Tazers and other devices 'Less-Lethal' for a reason. Mainly, because they are likely NOT going to kill you 99.9% of the time. But there is always the off chance something bad might happen like in Michigan. These events are unpredictable, and shouldn't preclude the use of tazers. Nor should they be used as an excuse by CA, MA, and NY to ban tazers (which they require a license to own or use, along with pepper spray, mace, and other items for self defense... hmmm... don't want you to protect yourself? ...hmmm... damn Fascists). We watched a fantastic training film at Drill this weekend for Law Enforcement Officers, it was called "Surviving Edged Weapons". Several of the scenarios in which officers are killed involve mentally ill folks wielding blades, back when the video was made, the only 'less lethal' techniques for disarming these folks was to use a baton or pepper spray which inevitably led to more fighting and injury in both cases, and many times sadly resulted in officers having to shoot the mentally ill individual. Now, with tazers, they can completely stun a person and override the ability of that person to harm themselves and others. This is fantastic. However, contingencies like death from a tazer should not be overly blown out of proportion. It beats the heck out of any other form of blunt trauma device (baton, etc.) or OC spray (pepper spray, mace, etc) by taking the suspect down in a flash with minimal injury. Batons and OC sprays can result in death more easily than tazers! However, whenever force is used, it must be used ONLY when justified by the tactical circumstances... It wouldn't surprise me if the investigation in MI goes either way. It all depends on how the officers reacted and what the suspect was doing.

Regrettably, the mentally ill remain vulnerable to society at large. When left un-attended, they can harm themselves and others, yet its considered 'in-humane' or 'too expensive' to institutionalize them. So many remain on the streets of every city, and will inevitably become victims of violence committed by regular folks, criminals, and even police. Such victimization might lead the mentally ill to violence, in which you, or a police officer, may have to defend yourself against. In such cases, you will be the bad guy. After all, the individual who attacked you is 'mentally ill' 'insane' or 'mentally disabled' and therefore not responsible for his actions while you are just a judgmental bigot with a gun who shot him/beat him/etc... Go ahead, look up Police and mentally ill in any search engine...

Being a Catholic and attuned to social justice, this presents some challenges. I think our Church should lead the way in humane care and treatment of the mentally ill whom they expound are continually victims of our Justice system and poverty. I don't believe the Government has the ability, nor responsibility, to take care of something that we as community can do of our volition through charity. On the East Coast I'm sure there are still the mental health clinics run by the Catholic Church funded in part by tithe money and donations. That is the model that the rest of the Christian community and country should follow! Heck, why don't philanthropic organizations of atheists care enough to run clinics like that?

Nothing drives me more crazy at Mass than to hear a priest expound how the Justice system singles out the mentally ill. Thats bull. Mentally ill are in most cases the attacker. People are homeless for many reasons, mental illness is one, and those who are mentally ill should be taken off the streets and cared for. Those who choose homelessness should be left alone as long as they leave others alone (i.e. don't commit a crime). There are soup kitchens, and there are shelters. They aren't going to starve or die of exposure due to lack of care, just negligence of the self inflicted wounds of addiction. If they don't want to seek treatment, and we don't want to force treatment, let them be. We all have choices. As the economy crumbles, those who are dead weight to society will be victims of they're own actions and will suffer the most like they have since the beginning of time. We give them the chance to be a part of society, and we will treat them as humans, but once the raise a hand in violence, they need to suffer the consequence of that choice and face justice.


20MAR09 MIAC, my assumption of possible fake might be wrong!

I heard Glenn Beck refer to the MIAC report on 'domestic' terrorists. At first I was pretty skeptical and I expressed my view on the leaked documents in an earlier (13MAR09 Friday the 13th...) entry. Once again, I might be wrong about wrongly jumping to the wrong conclusion!

Its entirely possible that the Government does classify folks like me as terrorists! Yikes! Got to love the Liberal Democrats. Ignore the real Radical Religious Zealots who strap bombs to they're chests and blow up buses in the Middle East, and see the perceived threat from the Christian heterosexual pro-life Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Republican American... In other words classify informed Americans and those who respect the Constitution as terrorist and seek to silence them by calling the 'Enemy'.

Its obvious that they do not want to take responsibility for their failures, and that they are getting ready to move against the American people.

But then, it might still be a questionable report (I hope)...

However, when Glenn Beck mentions it, and the Libertarian Party is investigating, along with fellow (and more talented blogger Eric Dondero on Libertarian Republican) starts finding other sources, I have to say its probably true.

Libertarian Republican Blog: 20MAR09 MO Gov. Nixon and the news source: Missouri Connect
LR Blog: 15MAR09 Breaks the story there...
LR Blog: 17MAR09 MO Libertarian Party demanding an apology and the report to be thrown out.
LR Blog: 17MAR09 Libertarian Party analysis of the MIAC "Militia" report


Defenders of Wild Food!

What can I say, I've got to eat!

18MAR09, a little tax reminder

Send our politicians a little reminder about taxation, or waste of said tax dollars. While the address is to the White House here, don't forget to send a few more to your congressional delegation, or the IRS Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary...

For folks in Alaska:
Senator Lisa Murkowski
709 Hart Building WDC 20510

Senator Mark Begich
825C Hart Building WDC 20510

Representative Don Young
2111 Rayburn Building WDC 20515


17MAR09, Green with Rage....

...Why? Well, AIG payed out millions of our tax payer dollars to its execs in bonuses. Our Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes was an integral part of authoring the bailout for AIG during the last days of the Bush Administration, and slipped through the cracks to be approved for his appointment by the Obama Administration. Really, our politicians on both sides have seriously failed us on this issue. AIG should have gone down with all the other banks. Yes, we really needed to LET THEM ALL FAIL. More painful, but healthier in the long run. Instead, we still have the economic cancer that lead to the failures...

While Obama is all about paying out billions of dollars to set up a Universal Health care and other Socialist programs, or bailing out failed banks, or funding 'Green' energy; he has determined that the men and women who have served the country and defended the Constitution of the United States and been wounded or injured in that service should just up and pay for their own health care. WTFO?!


Really, WTFO?!

WTF Obama?

You out spend the entire Bush Presidency in your first 30 days in office, and you decide to cut spending here? Those who pay the cost of freedom have EARNED the ability to receive health care for wounds and injuries sustained while protecting that freedom. They have EARNED those benefits, they have PAID in BLOOD. No amount of money is ever going to heal those wounds, and cutting that funding will only serve to pour salt into the wounds.


16MAR2009, One Year with ASDF!

One year ago, about today or yesterday, I raised my right hand and took an Oath of Enlistment for the second time in my life (well, the only other one that mattered was at my Basic Graduation on 15SEP00... Though going through MEPS and the DEP you take a couple of Oath's of Enlistment, but the one at the end of Basic/Boot is the one that really counts). I decided to follow in the footsteps of Alaska residents during WWII when they joined up with the Alaska Territorial Guard. I was tired of the Active Duty deployments every six months for six months! With a family, its no way to live, yet I still wanted to serve my country and my state, and this is the best way!

This time when I took my Oath of Enlistment, my obligation is as always to "defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic". For some history About.com has a bit: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/joiningthemilitary/a/oathofenlist.htm

We take the same Oath of Enlistment the National Guard does:
"I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of (STATE NAME) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the Governor of (STATE NAME) and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to law and regulations. So help me God. "

If you have any questions or are interested in the Alaska State Defense Force, click the ATG patch on my page here to visit the Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs web page about the Alaska State Defense Force. For more information about other State Guard and State Defense Forces that are DoD recognized state militias, visit the State Guard Association of the United States web page!


13MAR09, Friday the 13th....

EDIT: 23MAR08 This is more or less wishful thinking on my part at the time of discovery. Its a shame that its real! Yes, MIAC is real and its very nasty.

Analyzing some links today that at first had me very concerned, but now I wonder...

An interesting read no doubt. It points out what we fear the most as Constitution loving gun owners, that we might be labeled as "terrorists" and become targets of the BATFE and other government thug agencies (though the BATFE is the only that comes to mind, I don't do drugs, so the DEA will more than likely leave me alone, I don't counterfeit money, so I don't worry about he Secret Service, maybe the FBI might come after me along with the BATFE if I don't play nice when [or if] the gun legislation comes down the DC latrine...).

One could almost see this as legitimate, as it seems to be brochure from the FBI and Texas county sheriff's office. However, I wondered around the libertyforlife.com site, I've run across to many things that to believe I'd need my tin foil hat. First and foremost, are the rantings of the 9/11 Truthers. Then there is the articles about "Iraq Nuclear Holocaust" at which point my head just about exploded. Depleted Uranium is comparable to a 'dirty bomb' however, the concentration is no where purported on their site, and Gulf War illness is nowhere near the level they purport. On top of that, the description of DU in anti-tank rounds is way off the mark, I know, I used to work with that stuff in a very close fashion. I worked to get A-10's to spew a few thousand 30mm a second into enemy armor. We got the annual safety briefs. We know stuff that the public will NEVER know about DU and how it penetrates DU tank armor. It has NOTHING to do with explosives and everything to do with the density of the metal and its handiness as in penetration. Hunters, think of it as tungsten core Speer African Grand Slam bullets! Thats all it is... Instead of rhino, water buffalo, wilder beast or elephant; the 30mm and 105mm (depending on if its the A-10 or Abrams tank) goes through T-72, T-80, and T-55 skin... Most of the cases of Gulf War illness that can be attributed to DU involved folks who climbed on or through armor destroyed by these rounds and who breathed in the DU dust or had it on uniforms they brought home.

Next we have infowars.com articles here and here. Again, its alarming, and its speculation that seems reasonable. I have no doubt that the new administration feels threatened by conservative and libertarian gun owners who are seeing the failing economy, gross spending, and new tax structure along with progressively more aggressive nationalization of various industries, as threats. I have no doubt they think militia movements are a threat, I have no doubt they are developing plans to counter any type of civil disturbance even if it means bending a few Constitutional rules to do so (or violating Posse Comitatus). However, I have trouble with this 'leaked' document.

Personally, I think even the Department of Homeland Security could hire someone with a better knowledge of Photoshop or Publisher than whoever made this document. Now, I've seen printing errors on government publications like this top image before... Mostly its the only item in the entire publication that was screwed up like that...

I've never seen a US Government publication cover up the UNCLASSIFIED portion of something like this. While I've not dealt with much law enforcement stuff, most of what is Restricted Distribution has been UNCLASSIFIED FOUO (For Official Use Only) and has a notice to dispose of.

Again, another photo not properly scaled or cropped and covering bits of the page and running off the page... Not something the Government Printing Offices really like...

...in fact, the caption for the above photo has run into the top third of this page...

This restriction notice doesn't jibe with me, its not worded right... Not with what I've seen on restricted UNCLASSIFIED FOUO documents I've dealt with. But then, a battlefield requires such things be destroyed if possible, and the notice states such. LEO's probably don't have to worry too much about that.

I must say, I hold these articles to be suspect, and cannot verify the authenticity of the contents. Due to that, I don't have the warm fuzzy (of cold dread). While this is exactly the thing I fear the most, I cannot say this evidence supports that fear.

I must say, I'm somewhat relieved by that fact... But I'm still preparing for any contingency. I'm still watching with great skepticism what the new administration has in store for us. I already know I'm probably being watched if not already on someone's shit list, after all, I really do hate Obama for all the nasty things he has said about me and my brothers in arms in Iraq and Afghanistan. I shall always hold the Democrats in contempt for the slander they have spewed about Iraq just prior, and especially during the Surge just to get elected. We won our war, and there is nothing these cowards can do to say otherwise, in spite of winning an election trying to lose the war. I respect Senator McCain's statement about preferring to lose an election and win the war; Senator McCain, your strategy worked (even if you dragged my Governor through the mud with your Poli-Sci major political handlers; if you'd unleashed Gov. Palin you could have had both victories!).



"A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killers hands."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca 45 A.D.

Its sad that few people really get to the root of the problem, which is that people are the killers and not the weapons systems that they employ. After every shooting now, we see authorities clamoring for laws and press reports of 'automatic' weapons (of which there are few, and have rarely been used in crimes in the US, the two that were were in the hands of LEO's!). How many times can you count the words 'arsenal' and 'automatic' weapon?

I really hate looking at news stories like this. However, due to the rabid attitudes of the enemies of the Bill of Rights (in particularly the enemies of the 2nd Amendment) I have a very cold attitude toward news stories like this anymore. Just like Iraq. I start reading between the lines and seeing things as they really are, along with seeing things as how they attempt to portray them and what agenda is being emphasized by the news story. Due to the Brady Campaign and others like them, we gun owners are now finding ourselves 'circling the wagons' every shooting instead of reacting normally. We are being forced into a corner which we have to fight out of each and every time. No longer can we try to mourn the losses or come to grips with the tragedy, we are now forced to defend our beliefs in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that so clearly states the obvious that is lost in these times of tragedy and exploited by the Forth Estate.

St. Louis
Story is by the AP, and is titled "Church Shooting Suspect had Arsenal in Bedroom", wonderful... What defines Arsenal? Well, I'm sure more than one gun for some folks...

"The arsenal in accused gunman Terry Sedlacek's room included two 12-gauge shotguns, a rifle and a box of 550 .22-caliber bullets, according to court documents filed Tuesday" Sounds like a typical Alaskans cabin...

"The inventory of items seized from Sedlacek's Troy, Ill., home also lists the "Last Day Will" index card but does not detail what else was written on it. Sedlacek's day planner also singled out Sunday as "death day," prosecutor William Mudge has said" Obviously, the man was planning this, and was deranged. A killers mind. Hmm... He even wrote down what he was going to do, was on treatments, and a known mental health patient. Why wasn't he locked away in an asylum if he would go in spats of rage? Oh yes, he was taking medicine... Did anyone check to make sure he took his medicine? Did they check in on him?

"Authorities have said Sedlacek, 27, fired four times from a .45-caliber Glock handgun, hitting the Rev. Fred Winters once with a bullet that ripped through the preacher's heart before he collapsed and bled to death Sunday at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill."
...The caliber and manufacturer... Along with graphic descriptions.

"Authorities said Sedlacek also brought to the church enough ammunition to perhaps kill 30 people."

"Investigators say they still haven't pinpointed why Sedlacek allegedly strolled into the church during its early Sunday service, packing a pistol and 30 bullets — 10 in each of the three magazines he brought along."
Again, they emphasize the amount of ammunition and the magazine capacity, along with how many people he could kill first...

Right now the sub-title is "Machine gun-toting man leaves 12 dead across two Alabama counties — including his own mother and girlfriend — in a bloody rampage." So, was it a machine gun covered under the NFA or not? If not, why is 'machine gun' and 'automatic weapon' used? Was the shooter NFA qualified or not? If so, this would be the FIRST NFA weapon crime not committed by LEO's. If it isn't an NFA weapon, then FOX has some retractions to print.

"Geneva Police Chief Frank Lindsey was wounded by McLendon, who trapped him and his partner in their police car as he fired round after round from his automatic weapon." Really, did the shooter have an NFA weapon? Or was it semi-auto? Come on Fox News, pull your heads out your arse.

"He had a lot more fire power than we did," Lindsey said Wednesday. "All we had were our pistols. He fired 15, 16 rounds from an automatic weapon. ... We faced him head-on. He just looked at us right straight." Hey Chief, was it spewing the rounds with one trigger pull? If not its a semi-auto weapon dumb ass. You should know better, but then you probably want to get re-elected and seem to be fighting crime by advocating more laws.

And then, to finish the article:
"Myers, the grieving sheriff's deputy, made an appeal Wednesday to tighten the country's laws on the ownership of automatic weapons.

"As a community, as a family, as a nation, we need to do something about this," he said."

Deputy Myers, we mourn your losses with you. However, before advocating more gun laws, step back and WAIT for the investigation to finish. As veteran of Iraq, I know whats its like right after losing folks close to you to violence. Mourn now, deal with the rest of the details later. This is a time for grieving, wait to analyze things later.

Too early to tell much here. Except that I'm sure Germany's already tight gun laws are going to get much tighter.


10MAR09 and we now have a cover!

Cover Art 2 by ~cmerwin6 on deviantART

Cover Artist : Nathan Thomas Milliner AKA Malevolent Nate

Project site news and updates

The book is also being published by Post Mortem Studios!

Also, a must see movie "Brothers At War" I hope it comes to town here... In fact, I'm pretty optimistic it will more than likely blow away any other Iraq War movie made to date mainly because it breaks from the Hollyweird Liberal Anti-War GI's are all messed up in the head PTSD cold blooded killers stereotypes...


Go Git EM!

Connecticut gets wise, after finding out that people want Government out of Religion, the hard way... However, while its DOA right now this legislative year, it needs to be squelched permanently ASAP, along with the other un-Constitutional laws on the books in Connecticut regarding religion (and firearms!).

Californians are FED UP! They are in the streets protesting the taxes being imposed to support social programs that just don't work! Unfortunately if the governments across the country and in DC don't wake up to the fact that raising taxes during times of financial crisis is recipe for violent revolution....


07MAR2009 First Amendment Violation in Connecticut

Opinionated Catholic found this chilling discovery.

Its starting. Communism is moving forth in broad daylight.

Connecticut General Assembly
site LOC# 1098, S.B. 1098

I've downloaded the PDF. Mainly, they want to ensure each church and diocese has a board of directors in which the archbishop and bishop are ex-offico members and have no ability to vote on anything like the board can. State imposed... State getting into religion, violating the "Separation of Church and State".

"Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"

07MAR2009 a simple animated lesson in Liberty

About 10 minutes of cartoon goodness, preaching against the "ism"s out there that seek to take away our liberty and enslave us to the state. Yes, its an old propaganda film, but then, its not propaganda because it is very factual when you look at the history of the world. Countries that have fallen for the "ism"s have fallen behind and are in a state of decline right now. Liberty hangs on thread...


06MAR09, political SITREP

Hillary and global socialism, "Never waste a good crisis". In other words, exploit environmentalism to crush your capitalist enemies!

Red button amateur, Clinton shows how much more experienced she is than Condi Rice...

Killing health care with FOCA. Catholic hospitals will close before being forced to perform abortions under FOCA. Just what our already strained health care system needs, hospitals closing because doctors will be forced to perform abortions even if they morally oppose them. Now, if Catholic Hospitals close, imagine how many doctors will cease being OBY-GNs...

"Joe" sues Ohio. Joe the Plumber is suing the State of Ohio over breach of privacy, good on him. Got to love it when the government violates privacy like that, where the hell is the ACLU? Oh, wait, Joe questioned "THE ONE"...

Socialism will kill charity
. Obama's new tax code will remove charitable deductions for certain tax brackets. Not a good idea. But then with the VP calling himself Catholic and donating less than I do (and I'm in a much lower tax bracket!)... Go figure.

06MAR2009 "We have been told...."

"We have been told, on leaving our native soil, that we were going to defend the sacred rights conferred on us by so many of our citizens settled overseas, so many years of our presence, so many benefits brought by us to populations in need of our assistance and our civilization.

We were able to verify that all this was true, and, because it was true, we did not hesitate to shed our quota of blood, to sacrifice our youth and our hopes. We regretted nothing, but whereas we over here are inspired by this frame of mind, I am told that in Rome factions and conspiracies are rife, that treachery flourishes, and that many people in their uncertainty and confusion lend a ready ear to the dire temptations of relinquishment and vilify our action.

I cannot believe that all this is true, and yet recent wars have shown how pernicious such a state of mind could be and where it could lead.

Make haste to reassure me, I beg you, and tell me that our fellow-citizens understand, support us and protect us as we ourselves are protecting the glory of the Empire.

If it should be otherwise, if we should have to leave our bleached bones on these desert sands in vain, then beware of the anger of the Legions!"

-Centurion Marcus Flavinius, Second Cohort, Augusta Legion to his cousin Tertullus in Rome.

Once again, I go back to this letter from the Centurion to his cousin in Rome... What could communicate the feelings of these Marines, and myself, better? Thanks Libertarian Republican Blog! Great write up there also.


04MAR09 Whom the Legions respect, and some other SITREP info

Russia eying Alaska hungrily while clueless Clinton and amateur Obama try 'dialogue'... But then, reading the article, it makes me wonder if the collapse Panarin predicts isn't going to be just a mutual collapse of both Russia and the United States at the same time... Or a collapse of the global economy...

Terrorism knows no bounds, those of us who fought these pukes know, but some in the sports world didn't think so... But then, it is Pakistan. Definitely worth thinking about increasing security for traveling teams. Al Queda, Hezbollah, and others use these kinds of attacks as training tools for bigger OPS in bigger places.

Atrocity in Miami, abortion industry's under reported dark side.

Keep an eye on Obama's FCC pick. Genachowski might be a problem for anyone who has strong opinions, particularly against the current administration. His papers tout that ever increasingly threatening 'fairness' on the airwaves and internet rhetoric the Democrats are increasingly touting. When the hell are liberal Democrats going to learn LIFE ISN'T FAIR! Some work hard and get little, some work little and get lots, and the rest of us work hard get by, and then there are an increasing class of those who do nothing and get Federal and State money for no other reason... Everyone has a right to complain and get opinions out there, and with the amount of blogs (like this one) there is no reason to impose any sort of fairness doctrine to shut down AM radio stations that play mostly conservative talk shows. After all, the TV is ruled by liberals, and conservatives like Limbaugh took an 'obsolescent' form of media and resurrected it! Liberals just don't turn from the FM dial or turn off the TV enough it seems...

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