04MAR09 Whom the Legions respect, and some other SITREP info

Russia eying Alaska hungrily while clueless Clinton and amateur Obama try 'dialogue'... But then, reading the article, it makes me wonder if the collapse Panarin predicts isn't going to be just a mutual collapse of both Russia and the United States at the same time... Or a collapse of the global economy...

Terrorism knows no bounds, those of us who fought these pukes know, but some in the sports world didn't think so... But then, it is Pakistan. Definitely worth thinking about increasing security for traveling teams. Al Queda, Hezbollah, and others use these kinds of attacks as training tools for bigger OPS in bigger places.

Atrocity in Miami, abortion industry's under reported dark side.

Keep an eye on Obama's FCC pick. Genachowski might be a problem for anyone who has strong opinions, particularly against the current administration. His papers tout that ever increasingly threatening 'fairness' on the airwaves and internet rhetoric the Democrats are increasingly touting. When the hell are liberal Democrats going to learn LIFE ISN'T FAIR! Some work hard and get little, some work little and get lots, and the rest of us work hard get by, and then there are an increasing class of those who do nothing and get Federal and State money for no other reason... Everyone has a right to complain and get opinions out there, and with the amount of blogs (like this one) there is no reason to impose any sort of fairness doctrine to shut down AM radio stations that play mostly conservative talk shows. After all, the TV is ruled by liberals, and conservatives like Limbaugh took an 'obsolescent' form of media and resurrected it! Liberals just don't turn from the FM dial or turn off the TV enough it seems...

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