06MAR09, political SITREP

Hillary and global socialism, "Never waste a good crisis". In other words, exploit environmentalism to crush your capitalist enemies!

Red button amateur, Clinton shows how much more experienced she is than Condi Rice...

Killing health care with FOCA. Catholic hospitals will close before being forced to perform abortions under FOCA. Just what our already strained health care system needs, hospitals closing because doctors will be forced to perform abortions even if they morally oppose them. Now, if Catholic Hospitals close, imagine how many doctors will cease being OBY-GNs...

"Joe" sues Ohio. Joe the Plumber is suing the State of Ohio over breach of privacy, good on him. Got to love it when the government violates privacy like that, where the hell is the ACLU? Oh, wait, Joe questioned "THE ONE"...

Socialism will kill charity
. Obama's new tax code will remove charitable deductions for certain tax brackets. Not a good idea. But then with the VP calling himself Catholic and donating less than I do (and I'm in a much lower tax bracket!)... Go figure.

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