10MAR09 and we now have a cover!

Cover Art 2 by ~cmerwin6 on deviantART

Cover Artist : Nathan Thomas Milliner AKA Malevolent Nate

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The book is also being published by Post Mortem Studios!

Also, a must see movie "Brothers At War" I hope it comes to town here... In fact, I'm pretty optimistic it will more than likely blow away any other Iraq War movie made to date mainly because it breaks from the Hollyweird Liberal Anti-War GI's are all messed up in the head PTSD cold blooded killers stereotypes...


Go Git EM!

Connecticut gets wise, after finding out that people want Government out of Religion, the hard way... However, while its DOA right now this legislative year, it needs to be squelched permanently ASAP, along with the other un-Constitutional laws on the books in Connecticut regarding religion (and firearms!).

Californians are FED UP! They are in the streets protesting the taxes being imposed to support social programs that just don't work! Unfortunately if the governments across the country and in DC don't wake up to the fact that raising taxes during times of financial crisis is recipe for violent revolution....

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