"A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killers hands."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca 45 A.D.

Its sad that few people really get to the root of the problem, which is that people are the killers and not the weapons systems that they employ. After every shooting now, we see authorities clamoring for laws and press reports of 'automatic' weapons (of which there are few, and have rarely been used in crimes in the US, the two that were were in the hands of LEO's!). How many times can you count the words 'arsenal' and 'automatic' weapon?

I really hate looking at news stories like this. However, due to the rabid attitudes of the enemies of the Bill of Rights (in particularly the enemies of the 2nd Amendment) I have a very cold attitude toward news stories like this anymore. Just like Iraq. I start reading between the lines and seeing things as they really are, along with seeing things as how they attempt to portray them and what agenda is being emphasized by the news story. Due to the Brady Campaign and others like them, we gun owners are now finding ourselves 'circling the wagons' every shooting instead of reacting normally. We are being forced into a corner which we have to fight out of each and every time. No longer can we try to mourn the losses or come to grips with the tragedy, we are now forced to defend our beliefs in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that so clearly states the obvious that is lost in these times of tragedy and exploited by the Forth Estate.

St. Louis
Story is by the AP, and is titled "Church Shooting Suspect had Arsenal in Bedroom", wonderful... What defines Arsenal? Well, I'm sure more than one gun for some folks...

"The arsenal in accused gunman Terry Sedlacek's room included two 12-gauge shotguns, a rifle and a box of 550 .22-caliber bullets, according to court documents filed Tuesday" Sounds like a typical Alaskans cabin...

"The inventory of items seized from Sedlacek's Troy, Ill., home also lists the "Last Day Will" index card but does not detail what else was written on it. Sedlacek's day planner also singled out Sunday as "death day," prosecutor William Mudge has said" Obviously, the man was planning this, and was deranged. A killers mind. Hmm... He even wrote down what he was going to do, was on treatments, and a known mental health patient. Why wasn't he locked away in an asylum if he would go in spats of rage? Oh yes, he was taking medicine... Did anyone check to make sure he took his medicine? Did they check in on him?

"Authorities have said Sedlacek, 27, fired four times from a .45-caliber Glock handgun, hitting the Rev. Fred Winters once with a bullet that ripped through the preacher's heart before he collapsed and bled to death Sunday at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill."
...The caliber and manufacturer... Along with graphic descriptions.

"Authorities said Sedlacek also brought to the church enough ammunition to perhaps kill 30 people."

"Investigators say they still haven't pinpointed why Sedlacek allegedly strolled into the church during its early Sunday service, packing a pistol and 30 bullets — 10 in each of the three magazines he brought along."
Again, they emphasize the amount of ammunition and the magazine capacity, along with how many people he could kill first...

Right now the sub-title is "Machine gun-toting man leaves 12 dead across two Alabama counties — including his own mother and girlfriend — in a bloody rampage." So, was it a machine gun covered under the NFA or not? If not, why is 'machine gun' and 'automatic weapon' used? Was the shooter NFA qualified or not? If so, this would be the FIRST NFA weapon crime not committed by LEO's. If it isn't an NFA weapon, then FOX has some retractions to print.

"Geneva Police Chief Frank Lindsey was wounded by McLendon, who trapped him and his partner in their police car as he fired round after round from his automatic weapon." Really, did the shooter have an NFA weapon? Or was it semi-auto? Come on Fox News, pull your heads out your arse.

"He had a lot more fire power than we did," Lindsey said Wednesday. "All we had were our pistols. He fired 15, 16 rounds from an automatic weapon. ... We faced him head-on. He just looked at us right straight." Hey Chief, was it spewing the rounds with one trigger pull? If not its a semi-auto weapon dumb ass. You should know better, but then you probably want to get re-elected and seem to be fighting crime by advocating more laws.

And then, to finish the article:
"Myers, the grieving sheriff's deputy, made an appeal Wednesday to tighten the country's laws on the ownership of automatic weapons.

"As a community, as a family, as a nation, we need to do something about this," he said."

Deputy Myers, we mourn your losses with you. However, before advocating more gun laws, step back and WAIT for the investigation to finish. As veteran of Iraq, I know whats its like right after losing folks close to you to violence. Mourn now, deal with the rest of the details later. This is a time for grieving, wait to analyze things later.

Too early to tell much here. Except that I'm sure Germany's already tight gun laws are going to get much tighter.

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