13MAR09, Friday the 13th....

EDIT: 23MAR08 This is more or less wishful thinking on my part at the time of discovery. Its a shame that its real! Yes, MIAC is real and its very nasty.

Analyzing some links today that at first had me very concerned, but now I wonder...

An interesting read no doubt. It points out what we fear the most as Constitution loving gun owners, that we might be labeled as "terrorists" and become targets of the BATFE and other government thug agencies (though the BATFE is the only that comes to mind, I don't do drugs, so the DEA will more than likely leave me alone, I don't counterfeit money, so I don't worry about he Secret Service, maybe the FBI might come after me along with the BATFE if I don't play nice when [or if] the gun legislation comes down the DC latrine...).

One could almost see this as legitimate, as it seems to be brochure from the FBI and Texas county sheriff's office. However, I wondered around the libertyforlife.com site, I've run across to many things that to believe I'd need my tin foil hat. First and foremost, are the rantings of the 9/11 Truthers. Then there is the articles about "Iraq Nuclear Holocaust" at which point my head just about exploded. Depleted Uranium is comparable to a 'dirty bomb' however, the concentration is no where purported on their site, and Gulf War illness is nowhere near the level they purport. On top of that, the description of DU in anti-tank rounds is way off the mark, I know, I used to work with that stuff in a very close fashion. I worked to get A-10's to spew a few thousand 30mm a second into enemy armor. We got the annual safety briefs. We know stuff that the public will NEVER know about DU and how it penetrates DU tank armor. It has NOTHING to do with explosives and everything to do with the density of the metal and its handiness as in penetration. Hunters, think of it as tungsten core Speer African Grand Slam bullets! Thats all it is... Instead of rhino, water buffalo, wilder beast or elephant; the 30mm and 105mm (depending on if its the A-10 or Abrams tank) goes through T-72, T-80, and T-55 skin... Most of the cases of Gulf War illness that can be attributed to DU involved folks who climbed on or through armor destroyed by these rounds and who breathed in the DU dust or had it on uniforms they brought home.

Next we have infowars.com articles here and here. Again, its alarming, and its speculation that seems reasonable. I have no doubt that the new administration feels threatened by conservative and libertarian gun owners who are seeing the failing economy, gross spending, and new tax structure along with progressively more aggressive nationalization of various industries, as threats. I have no doubt they think militia movements are a threat, I have no doubt they are developing plans to counter any type of civil disturbance even if it means bending a few Constitutional rules to do so (or violating Posse Comitatus). However, I have trouble with this 'leaked' document.

Personally, I think even the Department of Homeland Security could hire someone with a better knowledge of Photoshop or Publisher than whoever made this document. Now, I've seen printing errors on government publications like this top image before... Mostly its the only item in the entire publication that was screwed up like that...

I've never seen a US Government publication cover up the UNCLASSIFIED portion of something like this. While I've not dealt with much law enforcement stuff, most of what is Restricted Distribution has been UNCLASSIFIED FOUO (For Official Use Only) and has a notice to dispose of.

Again, another photo not properly scaled or cropped and covering bits of the page and running off the page... Not something the Government Printing Offices really like...

...in fact, the caption for the above photo has run into the top third of this page...

This restriction notice doesn't jibe with me, its not worded right... Not with what I've seen on restricted UNCLASSIFIED FOUO documents I've dealt with. But then, a battlefield requires such things be destroyed if possible, and the notice states such. LEO's probably don't have to worry too much about that.

I must say, I hold these articles to be suspect, and cannot verify the authenticity of the contents. Due to that, I don't have the warm fuzzy (of cold dread). While this is exactly the thing I fear the most, I cannot say this evidence supports that fear.

I must say, I'm somewhat relieved by that fact... But I'm still preparing for any contingency. I'm still watching with great skepticism what the new administration has in store for us. I already know I'm probably being watched if not already on someone's shit list, after all, I really do hate Obama for all the nasty things he has said about me and my brothers in arms in Iraq and Afghanistan. I shall always hold the Democrats in contempt for the slander they have spewed about Iraq just prior, and especially during the Surge just to get elected. We won our war, and there is nothing these cowards can do to say otherwise, in spite of winning an election trying to lose the war. I respect Senator McCain's statement about preferring to lose an election and win the war; Senator McCain, your strategy worked (even if you dragged my Governor through the mud with your Poli-Sci major political handlers; if you'd unleashed Gov. Palin you could have had both victories!).

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