17MAR09, Green with Rage....

...Why? Well, AIG payed out millions of our tax payer dollars to its execs in bonuses. Our Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes was an integral part of authoring the bailout for AIG during the last days of the Bush Administration, and slipped through the cracks to be approved for his appointment by the Obama Administration. Really, our politicians on both sides have seriously failed us on this issue. AIG should have gone down with all the other banks. Yes, we really needed to LET THEM ALL FAIL. More painful, but healthier in the long run. Instead, we still have the economic cancer that lead to the failures...

While Obama is all about paying out billions of dollars to set up a Universal Health care and other Socialist programs, or bailing out failed banks, or funding 'Green' energy; he has determined that the men and women who have served the country and defended the Constitution of the United States and been wounded or injured in that service should just up and pay for their own health care. WTFO?!


Really, WTFO?!

WTF Obama?

You out spend the entire Bush Presidency in your first 30 days in office, and you decide to cut spending here? Those who pay the cost of freedom have EARNED the ability to receive health care for wounds and injuries sustained while protecting that freedom. They have EARNED those benefits, they have PAID in BLOOD. No amount of money is ever going to heal those wounds, and cutting that funding will only serve to pour salt into the wounds.

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