20MAR09 MIAC, my assumption of possible fake might be wrong!

I heard Glenn Beck refer to the MIAC report on 'domestic' terrorists. At first I was pretty skeptical and I expressed my view on the leaked documents in an earlier (13MAR09 Friday the 13th...) entry. Once again, I might be wrong about wrongly jumping to the wrong conclusion!

Its entirely possible that the Government does classify folks like me as terrorists! Yikes! Got to love the Liberal Democrats. Ignore the real Radical Religious Zealots who strap bombs to they're chests and blow up buses in the Middle East, and see the perceived threat from the Christian heterosexual pro-life Libertarian/Constitutionalist/Republican American... In other words classify informed Americans and those who respect the Constitution as terrorist and seek to silence them by calling the 'Enemy'.

Its obvious that they do not want to take responsibility for their failures, and that they are getting ready to move against the American people.

But then, it might still be a questionable report (I hope)...

However, when Glenn Beck mentions it, and the Libertarian Party is investigating, along with fellow (and more talented blogger Eric Dondero on Libertarian Republican) starts finding other sources, I have to say its probably true.

Libertarian Republican Blog: 20MAR09 MO Gov. Nixon and the news source: Missouri Connect
LR Blog: 15MAR09 Breaks the story there...
LR Blog: 17MAR09 MO Libertarian Party demanding an apology and the report to be thrown out.
LR Blog: 17MAR09 Libertarian Party analysis of the MIAC "Militia" report

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