24MAR09 Chandler's Watch Blog Talk Radio Interview!


Clayton Merwin spoke about the graphic novel "Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan" recently on the Blog Talk Radio broadcast "Chandlers Watch". It was a fantastic first hour interview! Good update for anyone interested in tracking our project! I'm a few days behind in my blogging lately... Mostly my ranting about other subjects and being interrupted by life as it happens (namely potty training or diaper changes, or both at once...).

Also in the world of my work for good causes, the 2nd Amendment Task Force here in Fairbanks has a T-Shirt Committee that I am an active participant in, namely doing the graphics. We held a meeting yesterday evening at Denny's (where the entire task force started in the first place) and finalized the design. Here is:

Everyone at the meeting seemed happy with the idea of the Brown Bess Musket crossed with the M-4/AR-15. Schaeffer Cox came up with the final saying after we bounced around a few other ideas. It works perfectly with the symbols. My reason for choosing a Brown Bess with the bayonet attached along with the M-4 with the bayonet was to display the quintessential battle field rifles of the time frames used by Americans be they militia, the citizen, or the professional soldier. Obviously, I'm pointing out the absurdity of the 'assault weapons' ban of 1994 and similar measures that restrict the private citizens right to bear the same arms used by the military, because there were no such distinctions in 1776. Our founders intended for use to maintain the 'assault rifles' of the day and continue to be able to freely maintain them. "Times Change but People Don't." is the perfect example of this. We still have governmental powers that think the people should serve them, and the people should be restricted from being able to exact change upon the government; and we still have those of us who like the founding fathers know that our government was made to serve the people and was limited in scope and authority on purpose due to the abuses of King George III.

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