31MAR09 Guns and Alcohol

Proof that drunk driving is much more dangerous than firearms.

It takes the US Government a while to interpret statistics, except for the FBI... FBI has statistics for 2009 already in the Uniform Crime Reports... But then thats what they do is gather that information at a near real time basis from law enforcement around the country...

Anyway, I heard about an editorial cartoon or some such in the Daily News Miner. Not sure if its real however. It could be comments on the article... Anyway, a someone expounded on a Lower 48 idea of "Which is worse, open carry or open container?". Without a doubt, open container is vastly more deadly than firearm! Lets look at the FBI UCR with regards to murder with firearms for 2005 and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Report for 2005 (the latest I could find for NHTSA) about DUI deaths.

In 2005 NHTSA reported that 43,443 people died on US Highways from alcohol related accidents in vehicles. FBI reported that 1.4 million drivers were arrested for DWI of alcohol and narcotics (quoted in the NHSTA report)

Meanwhile the FBI 2005 UCR expanded table for homicide reports about 14,860 homicides committed with firearms.

Thats one hell of a margin ain't it!

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