31MAR09 In preparation for April Fools...

...I have been scanning my computers for viruses just in case this story about the Worm going around is as bad as it could be!

"Detecting a Conficker infection is actually very easy. One of the telltale signs is if you're able to navigate the Internet freely but can't access Microsoft's site or the sites for the major antivirus software vendors. Conficker's authors included that feature to prevent infected machines from downloading programs that remove the worm."

Knowing the information I quoted above from the article, I'm not infected. I haven't had any problems accessing Microsoft's website or AVG's, or any other security site that provides consumers with security software. But just to be sure, I am scanning my hard drives. One cannot be too careful with malicious code.

Once again, EnviroMENTALists are saying our Earth's population is un-sustainable. Dr. Fedoroff is the latest in a long line of folks to think so. What is funny about this, and every time, is that its been said so many time since the late 1960's. In fact, the end of the world and massive starvation and cannibalism should have been around 1987 or so... then it was 2000... Now what? Soylent Green anyone?!

So, when will Alaska get some cameras on towers to keep the riff raff from Canada out? Or maybe we need them on the West Coast of Alaska for winter time when the ice bridge forms all the way to Russia, we need to keep an eye out for "Frostbacks" and Spetznatz!

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