06APR09 Sick during the weekend, puking over cyber 'security' legislation...

Well, I was pretty bad off this weekend. Friday night I had chills so bad, my wife said I was beyond shivering and mighty close to convulsing... But finally, I slept. Saturday I slept when my boys let me, and they were pretty bad off too. Finally, Sunday, I was feeling better. Nothing like a weekend away from the daily grind of blogs and artwork!

Back to business...

Cyber Security, its big and its critical. And its about to become a part of the Federal government. Currently, the proposed legislation by Senator Rockefeller (D-W. VA) and Senator Snowe (R- Maine) would allow the President to “order the disconnection of any Federal government or United States critical infrastructure information systems or networks in the interest of national security.” As the Network World News article states, this is rather vague.

Think about it, the President, both from past and present administrations, have declared various private enterprises as critical for infrastructure. Banks, utilities companies, fuel companies, and even the airlines and other transportation companies. This bill has the scope to allow the Federal Government to Federalize all cyber security to ensure security for our infrastructure. Now, I'm not opposed to this if it only applies to the Federal Government itself, or if State Governments applied similar legislation to State agencies. But this allows for the inclusion of utilities and private networks.

Much like the Federalization of Law Enforcement, or the way the Department of Transportation bullies States around, it doesn't seem bad, but it could be abused, easily. Here are a couple more articles: Network World News 02APR09 US Senate Press Release 01APR09 and its not a joke!

I suggest downloading the legislation in PDF format, the link is in the 02APR09 Network World News Article. Its pretty depressing.

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