08APR09 Somali Pirates...

Somali Pirates hijacked an American Ship, however the crew took over again but the pirates apparently still have the captain of our vessel in captivity. Our Merchant Marine Sailors have detained one pirate however...

Harvard Marine ROTC cadets are facing discrimination. Time to cut all Federal funding for Harvard!

"The students of 1969 have become the faculty of 2009, and today students who wish to participate in ROTC are forced to train at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are pawns in a political chess game. The issue is no longer Vietnam, but President Bill Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that bars gays from openly serving in the military. Because of that policy, the university classifies ROTC as a discriminatory organization and has severed all remnants of support.

So Harvard today happily pays for future bankers to take accounting courses at MIT, but refuses to pay for aspiring military officers who take ROTC courses. Since 1994, anonymous donors have generously picked up the tab, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for Harvard's ROTC students."

"The same Harvard that once produced 10 recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and warrior-scholars such as Teddy Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, now turns its back on its proud, patriotic history."

President Obama is looking into Terraforming the Earth! Really, this 'heat' is un-natural?

Finally, scum bag of the month: Michael Edmonds

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