13APR09 "Millions For War! Not a Penny More for Tribute!"

Lets partake in the war cry of the supporters of the US Navy and US Marine Corps during the infancy of our nation when they went to war with the Barbary Pirates and ended that reign of high seas terror.


Breitbart article 1 and article 2

Congressman a target in Somalia!

We should eradicate the pirates. Very simply. Arm our ship crews, and any time an American vessel gets boarded ensure they pirates just simply vanish on the high seas... Or just detain them... After it costs the pirates dearly enough times, they'll stop. No form of diplomacy will ensure they just stop, pirates are pirates, use of force and money are the only two things pirates really understand and actually live for. Oblige them in a contest of arms, its cheaper.

Speaking of arms, today is an open carry day! Meet at Carl's Junior at 1:30-2:30 PM for lunch!

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