15APR09 Tea Party, and could I have some assistance in removing the dagger from my back...

I dropped off five teabags, one for each member of my family and one for Robert who couldn't make it to town this afternoon. I couldn't partake in the protest long myself, I found a kind soul to drop off the tea bags for me.

I need some help. I'm an Iraq Veteran, I'm pro-Life, pro-Gun, Christian, and Caucasian. Therefore the Department of Homeland Security has determined that I am going to be recruited by a white supremacist militia, never mind they want me dead because I happen to be a 'Papist' Catholic... I'm a domestic terrorist because I'm an activist for the pro-gun movement here in Alaska, I'm a domestic terrorist because I've stood in front of the clinic here with a pro-Life sign supporting Alaska Right to Life, I'm a domestic terrorist because I'm angry with the POTUS because of his ignorant statements during his election run calling me a murderer. I've got a knife sticking in my back, shoved into my spine by the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the author of the "Rightwing Extremeism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment".

-Department of Homeland Security Press release
-American Legion Response
-VFW Response
-IAVA Response

I'm kinda numb now. I thought the MIAC "Modern Militia" report was a hoax for a while, until it proved to be real, and soon discredited. Now this. You can only take so many stabs in the back before these goad you too much and cause problems.

These reports are precisely the kinds of government back stabbing that cause the disenfranchisement they warn about. 41 million veterans, and we all get classified as potential Timothy McVeighs.

This is horse shit. This is nothing but a tasteless political hack job meant to cause disenfranchisement and dissent. More or less, it is just a method of crushing any political opposition to the current administration. Every point of opposition to the President Obama and the Democratic Party is listed in this report.

They are seeking to intimidate veterans into shutting up by labeling us terrorist while they call Islamo-fascist terrorists 'extremists'.

I'm going to cool off, and then get my letter ready. Once again, I'll be writing my Representative and Senators. Probably get ignored again, but hey, thats the arrogance these days.

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