29MAY09 North Korea continues firing missiles...

Reuters reports this morning that North Korea has fired a short range missile for testing, also reported by Yonhap and Breitbart.

Obviously, sending messages to the world still. They know we are watching and purposely doing this to be watched, and they are doing the usual 'death to any imperialist capitalist nation that opposes us' saber rattling on the 'diplomatic' front. I'm sure the US forces in South Korea are on edge right now looking out for other signs that would point to some serious sparks flying in that powder keg peninsula...

Iran is blaming the US and Israel for a mosque bombing in Iran. Go figure! If something bad happens, just blame the US and Israel and the population will believe it... Then a day later in the same province a gunman opens fire on Ahmadinedad's Campaign Office. Blame hasn't been doled out on that one yet, but I suspect the US and Israel are going to be blamed there to. Silly dictator, you pissed off your people and don't expect to see the results?

Yet another female teacher has sex with a 14 year old male student in New York City. I wonder if she'll get the child molester treatment that the crime warrants, or if she'll get off easy because she is a woman (though since she's not as pretty as the well known Florida offender, she might get slammed harder). Sad but true... Its a well documented FACT that heterosexual public school teachers molest more students than Catholic Priests have ever done, yet the media continues to portray priests as the primary pedophiles. Just listen to comedians, and the hate comes out veiled in warped and twisted humor. Lay off the priests, and focus on the real problem, sicko public school teachers and the NEA that covers them.

The New Black Panter Party got a pass today from the Obama Administration. Remember that You Tube clip of the Black Panthers with sticks in front of the polling place? Well, all charges were dismissed. As long as you are a black radical, you can get away with voter intimidation!

Instead of utilizing existing agencies and resources more effectively, President Obama has decided to expand the bureaucracy in Washington DC (big surprise there) and declare a Cyber Czar. Why? Well to defend the nation's computer networks that is why! Of course, if Obama knew anything about the National Security Agency he might have just sought answers from them... But instead he just wants to create more government jobs with our tax dollars, and creates a redundant government position (which makes as little sense as DHS in my opinion). Since our Government insists on using Microsoft Windows and Outlook in critical networks like the FBI, they have to contend with some nasty and very common virus threats that all the anti-virus systems in the world can't snag until they've been around long enough for the anti-virus libraries to be updated! Imagine if the government had decided to stick to using UNIX based operating systems... They might be a tad more secure... Windows is the most hacked OS on the market, governments should seek to do the simplest, most cost effective, security measure; use something not always found on the open market but that has GUI like the most common OS on the market (kinda like any version of LINUX or MAC OS/X...). Then build security from there knowing that you aren't using the most hacked OS in the world. There are Enterprise versions of SUSE, Red Hat, and Ubuntu that are vastly more secure and stable than Microsoft Windows, and cost less...


28MAY2009 A Nuclear North Korea

I awoke to the radio news yesterday (or maybe the day before, all I remember was that and needing a cup of coffee...) to the fact that North Korea detonated a nuclear bomb underground and threatened war with any nation that opposed it. On top of the 'space flight' test a couple months ago, and numerous other missile tests, and defiance to any negotiations. Over the last decade at least (that I can remember vividly, however older folks know this pattern of sabre rattling that has been Kim Il-Sung and Kim Il-Chong's SOP since 1953), North Korea has been preparing for this point with false negotiations and gaining concessions from the UN with false promises of 'we stop if you give us food...' Pattern is as follows:
A. North Korea rattles sabre and ends the 'concessions' of the last rounds of talks and proceeds with whatever they were doing before.
B. After the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and Russia get upset enough (usually a couple weeks) the UN Security Council sends another strongly worded letter (anyone see this in a rather sickeningly hilarious puppet movie?).
C. About six months later, North Korea finally comes to the table and demands that the UN give them food aid, and MAYBE they'll stop
D. A few weeks to months later, North Korea finally signs whatever agreement with the UN and the Six Party Talks, and stops whatever activity it is they were doing... For now...
E. Go back to Step A.

When will the UN, and our government, and I dare say Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK, South Korea) get the idea that North Korea ("Democratic" Peoples Republic of Korea, DPRK) has one leader who thinks he is the son of god (Kim Il-Sung as god) and maintains good continuity and unity of effort in ensuring that they get what they want from the UN and other countries whilst giving up nothing for very long?

Russia, for all they're faults and direct assistance to North Korea by stalling talks and posturing against the US in our efforts there, has noted with some concern that a nuclear armed North Korea is a bad thing. They put their Far East missile defence command on high alert! Maybe they will wake up and figure out that a missile defence shield with the US is a good idea in this case, and perhaps might be less aggressive in their stance toward our bases here in Alaska and might actually decide to help out in regard to the Korean Peninsula.

On the Korean Peninsula, Korean and American soldiers are on high alert (probably not allowed to get drunk...). I'm positive Japan is geared up and American bases there are on alert, as well as Hawaii and Alaska. We are all in range of North Korea based on the last missile test. Here in Alaska, we need to face the reality of the situation. Fairbanks is the second largest city, with two strategic military bases nearby, if we get hit we are dead. I won't bother with a shelter. Anchorage, is the largest population centre in the state with a strategic port, airport, and the headquarters for all military forces in Alaska, if they get hit... We up here lose touch with the world in a manner of speaking. Oil goes through the roof for sure...

What should have happened? Well, maybe an ultimatum. "Develop nuclear weapons, and we'll turn Pyongyang into crater." would have been language the Chonger would understand (Kim Il-Chong). However, diplomacy is the high road that was pursued. Never mind the fact that a state of war has existed between the US, ROK, and DPRK since 1950 when the DPRK invaded the ROK; the 'peace' we have now is only one of the worlds longest cease fires. The Chonger understands this, and operates like that, the UN, US, ROK, Japan, China, and Russia have acted foolishly in forgetting this simple fact. Any soldier who has served in Korea, knows various aspects of this. At least anyone who served in Area 1 within artillery range of the DMZ knowing they were targeted by a pre-planned artillery barrage if the shit hit the fan. Soldiers along the DMZ knew this, with soldiers receiving small arms fire on a regular basis, be they ROK or US Army. Yet the diplomats sitting in their luxury hotels sipping green tea and talking over caviare and crackers that cost more than a soldier makes in a month don't get this.

For the last couple decades, North Korea bought time by playing off the UN, US, ROK, Japan, China, and Russia. Now we see the results of diplomacy. Obviously, its superior to a shooting war isn't it? Perhaps a simple statement of 'ceasefire violation' would have been a sufficient threat (if properly backed by US troop movements meant to re-enforce the Korean Peninsula along with the ability to invade North Korea).

Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad of Iran boasts of Iran's increased nuclear fuel production capability. Knowing Iran and DPRK share technology, trade, and have formal diplomatic relations along with a shared hatred of the US and the West along with the ability to manipulate France and other UN diplomats... Lets just face the facts here. The UN and France will sit on their pompous asses sipping Chai tea and talking while Iran builds a nuke. Baring any direct action from Israel, Iran will have nuclear capability and will continue to rattle sabres and likely strike Israel with a nuke. There is no way around it, sad to say. Our government is in the hands of amateurs with no sense of the big stick necessary for being able to get a point across by speaking quietly. Clinton is a fool of a Sec. of State, our House and Senate are run by idiots, and of course our President is a ideological idiot who has no context of the real world. Force is the only language violent men understand, and you must use force against violent men, and you must have violent men to deal with violent men. Diplomacy has worked, but war is just an extension of diplomacy...

On the home front, if you must exercise your right to defend yourself in the event of the robbery, remember to shoot to stop but do not expend more ammunition than is necessary to stop the idiot. A Pharmacist in Oklahoma is facing first degree murder for continuing to shoot a robber after initially shooting and stopping him once. What is sad, is he shot one suspect once, ran after the second, then came back and grabbed another gun and shot the first guy five more times after the initial shot to stop... Bad ju-ju!

Also here in Alaska, more frivolous ethics charges against Governor Palin have been dropped, again. These complaints are being filed using a system Governor Palin established during her time in the legislature interestingly enough. They didn't set up repercussions for frivolous use however... Which I think they should amend considering the political hack job abuse of the complaint system that is wasting tax payer dollars over BS. Its great to have a system in place, but we swiftly see its abuse by various party hacks, both Democrat and Republican.


Memorial Day, May 25 2009

Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence,

Let us remember our dead,

Let us remember the ones who gave all they had,

Let us remember the ones who lie in graves all but forgotten except for this day,

Let us remember the ones who lie in fields overseas still,

Let us pray that our fallen now find peace with their Creator,

Finally, let us celebrate their sacrifice, and do so in their Honor.

Memorial Day is to honor the Dead, Veterans Day to honor the Living.

Mudville Gazette, Argghh!

Also, take a moment to visit the Warrior Legacy Foundation website, they launched today! If you are Veteran, or non-Veteran, there is a place for you there to sign-up to show support.

Take some time today, and pray for the families of the fallen soldiers, from EVERY war before we begin the activities for today.

25MAY09 North Korea goes Nuclear, and other items on a busy Memorial Day

Go figure, but its finally happened. North Korea has gone nuclear, proving once again, all talks conducted by North Korea in the last few years if no the entire last couple of decades was just stalling for time and manipulation. Now would be a good time to just pull the plug on ALL FOOD aid which never gets to the population anyhow (and feeds the DPRK Special Forces stomachs). Oh yeah, and they tested some other missiles too... Guardian UK, and Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Aden, North Korea's partner in crime Iran sent six naval vessels into International Waters for the first time in its history. This after they tested a long range missile capable of hitting Israel, and parts of Europe... Israelis are getting the point, and over half of them support a strike on Iran, NOW! They do want to wait and see what the results of US diplomacy are going to be, but they aren't resting assured about that, 74% don't expect President Obama and his administration to be able to do anything... Hmm, kinda like me! Anyone else feeling stuck in the movie "Team America: World Police"?

Starbucks in New York City got a rude awakening, someone decided to put a bomb on a bench in front of the store. This is about the third time a bomb has gone off in Time Square. Apparently some anarchist types don't like Starbucks because they have 'global reach' and are therefore a blood sucking internationalist capitalist corporation bent on destroying the working class... Hey, don't these guys know, William Ayers loves Starbucks, and Barack Obama! But then, anarchists never make any sense anyway...

As usual, OPEC is out to screw us all. Don't worry, even though Alaska isn't a part of OPEC, we still get to pay out the nose more than the rest of the country, right here at the tap...


19MAY09 Notre Dame, Obama, and the Police

Sad but true. Don't forget to pray for those police who did indeed handle the situation remarkably well, calmly, and as gentle as they could in the public eye. Fr. Norman Weslin is definitely going peacefully despite the situation also. Pass The Salt ministries compares the prayerful walk in protest as a trip up Calvary with Jesus, and indeed this video is an example. Do pray for those police, in the spirit of Christ, who at the moment of death, opened the eyes of Legionaries beneath him: The Centurion and the men with him who were keeping watch over Jesus feared greatly when they saw the earthquake and all that was happening, and they said, "Truly, this was the Son of God!" (Matthew 27:55).

Some critical reading about this whole situation:
Deacons Bench
Te Deum Laudameus: "Is getting arrested good for Pro-Life causes" "80-year old priest arrested" "Jane Roe arrested"

Pelosi and Biden are among that group compromising Roman Catholics that are greatly assisting President Obama divide our Church. They feel that the idea of Abortion is trivial, and that the Government mandated welfare for the 'poor' is superior to any form charity. Despite the biblical principle of giving 10% (minimum I might add) back to God, Peolsi and Biden to my knowledge have failed in this regard while justifying further taxation on the rich saying its for the poor; while mis-spending that tax payer money on things like the TARP (paying off those CEO's they want to tax more, and ignoring the Freddie/Fanny scandal due to Dodd and Frank...). But abortion is a trivial point... They are Catholic in name only, seeking the Hispanic voting block through use of religion for political purposes (while seeming to champion 'separation of church and state'). Meanwhile they and their ACLU supporters see no reason that the IRS should stay out of church affairs in California due to Proposition 8 support, why is state getting ready to interfere in affairs of church? Meanwhile Je$$e Jack$on and Al $harpton continue to support specific candidates from the pulpit while, while any Catholic Bishop or Priest who speaks out against 'candidates who support abortion' are ostracized and threatened with taxation (like the Pat Robertson founder of the 700 Club said, they can say what they want because THEY PAY TAXES, and so Sharpton and Jackson should do the SAME).




Department of Homeland Security, "Right Wing Extremism" Fallout; 2 out of three things I wanted to see as a result have happened:
1. An apology from Janet Napolitano, even I didn't think the wording was sincere enough or strong enough of an apology...
2. Officially pulling the report!
3. Secretary Napolitano announcing her resignation, and proper administrative action taken to discipline the authors. So far, just the authors are facing discipline (as seen in the above article, read the link!). Now, Napolitano must step down.

98,000 Absentee Ballots Didn't Get Counted!
This is about 1/4th of the 400,000 absentee ballots submitted for the 2008 election. Most of them coming from the military, and the rest coming from US ex-pats living overseas! This is ridiculous.

IVAW, Iraq Vets Against the War, continues to lose credibility over fakes in the ranks. Go figure... I knew Army Sergeant was either ignorant of this continuing issue in IVAW or complicit when she said that IVAW makes sure they're membership is actual veterans; and really, there is nothing wrong with ignorance of this fact, its amazing how fare forgery can go when it comes to the DD-214 and people wanting government money and making political careers for themselves through the anti-war movement. This Ain't Hell exposes it all. While I'm not going to hold an individual member like Army Sergeant responsible for the actions of a member they might not know, I will hold IVAW responsible for failing to take action and just seeming to cover it up and ignore this kind of crap. First thing they need to do is very publicly crucify the fakes when they find them and remove them forcefully from they're ranks if they want to maintain any form of credibility as a veterans organization in general. Thus far, absolutely zero press releases exist on the IVAW site explaining what has occurred. NONE. Why am I so pissed? Well, I've got a good friend of mine that I was stationed with in Korea who is a real Iraq War Veteran who joined IVAW and I warned him about the fakes. I respect him very much and it pisses me off that the anti-war organization for veterans is plagued by fakes who have NO business there. In fact, I think IVAW needs to be scrapped and re-organized so that only veterans of Operation Iraq Freedom qualify. There has been fart too much scandal for them to continue in a viable manner, except of course for the far left blogs like Daily Kos who will take them at they're word believing every word an IVAW member says without thinking about if its true or not. I'd still be opposed to the organization if they were more credible, but at least I'd have some shred of respect for them as a whole if they were all like my buddy and vetted each other carefully to keep the kooks out!

I knew I missed something growing up not being in the Boy Scouts...


12MAY09 NYC Air Force One Flyover conspiracy?

The milblog "This Ain't Hell" is on to something here!

Here is a picture of the New York City flyover fiasco from Flikr user Istolethetv

I've cropped the image to have just the F-16 and Air Force One backup. I've highlighted the read tail. Why? Well, if you read "This Ain't Hell" or even the "Black Five" link, you'll already know that this leading to the point that those are Alabama Air National Guard F-16's from the 187th Fighter Group... However, the AL ANG site is down, possibly due to large volumes of traffic. There are a couple other squadrons that will paint tails red, but few like the ones pictured, in the US Air Force (a google image search will reveal others, like one Dutch Air Force squadron...)! Deployed they go to the standard all grey scheme. Lacking the actual Air Guard site, here is the Wikipedia page. What the 'conspiracy' theory is, that the fly over might have been a publicity stunt done in conjunction with Obama supporter George Lucas to support his Tuskegee Airmen movie project. So far, that is where the facts are pointing at the moment! Jake Trapper's Political Punch Blog on ABC News website is where we get confirmation that it was Alabama Air Guard's fighters doing the escort duty, it was in a letter to Senator McCain.

Interesting stuff. We'll wait and see what the FOIA request lead to as far as the $320,000 some odd of our tax dollars being spent on this fiasco.


08MAY09 2nd Amendment Task Force graphics work!

Here is the final products! My work with the 2nd Amendment Task Force T-Shirt Committee.

08MAY2009 Armed college kid, saves lives!

In College Park Georgia, an armed student pulled a gun from his backpack and saved the lives of his fellow students by shooting at two home invaders.

WSBTV Channel 2 Story

Gee, what a concept...


05MAY09 Torture debate

Part I, John Stewart talking to Cliff May
The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Cliff May Unedited Interview Pt. 1
Daily Show
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Economic CrisisPolitical Humor

Part II
The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Cliff May Unedited Interview Pt. 2
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It is truly amazing how people cannot wrap they're brains around the concept that the POW status does not apply to terrorists. Never was meant to, never will apply. Geneva Conventions protections DON'T apply to terrorists. Pure and simple, and that is a fact. In fact, here is International Committee of the Red Cross web page for you with the treaty text. When you read the definition of combatants, you find that terrorists do not fit the definition, nor do they're organizations match that as a 'high contracting power' that signed the treaty. In fact, because they are not nations, the cannot qualify for any protections under the Geneva Conventions unless another Convention takes place, and treaty ratified and signed that specifically protects them from torture. Its amazing how that point is ignored completely by the anti-torture crowd.


04MAY2009 Spring time in Alaska, pack your heat!

I'm glad I had my .45, should the described situation have escalated, I'd have been ready.

Strait from the Facebook Notes:

"That Paranoid Voice in your head...

...sometimes, just listen to it. When its your first instinct, go with it, kinda like not second guessing yourself on a multiple choice test... Only you might pay with more than a failing grade if you second guess yourself and are wrong.

Today, my I took my boys to the play ground. There was one other set of kids playing, which accounted for one of the vehicles in the lot (other than mine). Then there was a lady and a young man eating lunch in one other vehicle. Nothing really striking right? My paranoid voice said 'they have no kids here', my voice of second guessing said 'lunch break, park'. Fine, no issues with that. Then the lady in Ford F-150 (black/grey, dust makes it hard to tell, yellow Alaska Tags EWF-931) called out to one of the other boys by name, paranoid said 'why is that kid ignoring the lady', voice of second guessing said 'probably the annoying aunt or something'. Young man, in his teens, dumps McDonald's bags in park trash, nothing suspicious. Then the brown haired lady with white shirt and blue jeans comes out (those living in North Pole Alaska, not description and BOLO; Be On the Look Out for; she said 'my name is Jenna' to one of the boys) and hugs one of the boys and gives him money and tells him to buy a treat and share with his brother. Paranoid voice speaks up 'keep an eye on that one, she's acting weird' second guessing voice 'hmmmm'. Crazy lady gives her phone number to the parent of the two other boys and says 'if you ever need a baby sitter just call me'. Paranoid voice says 'definitely weird', second guess voice 'did you get a license plate?'. Well, I didn't right then... Crazy Lady left and returned the male to where ever...

Parent came over to me and said "That was creepy, I didn't even know her, I took her phone number because I didn't want to be rude". At that point both Paranoid and Second Guess Voices are "WHY didn't we get a plate number!" together. As the parent was leaving the play ground, Crazy Lady returns and I make sure to put myself between my boys and her (and the fence was between us and her also) while she tried to make contact with the parent again (who just drove off). At that point I decided "What luck, I'll get the plate number and the make and model of the truck, and write down the description of Crazy Lady "Jenna"). After Crazy Lady had gone another grand parent came by with they're kid and I chatted with them passing on what I had seen. We both decided I should stop by the local police department and leave a tip.

So I talked with the North Pole Police Department and left every bit of information I have left here in this note. So, BOLO for this individual near play grounds and schools.

And don't ignore that voice of caution and 'paranoia'."

The coming of summer has brought out the sickos, weirdos, and other idiots. Be cognizant of them and ready. I almost welcome them to try that on my boys, it'll give me a chance to practice my newly acquired police tactics and tools like Mr. Kubaton and Mr. Pepperspray; or even Mr. Colt 1911! Then other parents, mainly mothers who might not go forth armed all the time like myself, won't have to worry about that idiot. After all, I still feel its my sworn duty to serve society as one of those "rough men" George Orwell refers to when he talks about people sleeping peacefully in they're beds at night.

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