04MAY2009 Spring time in Alaska, pack your heat!

I'm glad I had my .45, should the described situation have escalated, I'd have been ready.

Strait from the Facebook Notes:

"That Paranoid Voice in your head...

...sometimes, just listen to it. When its your first instinct, go with it, kinda like not second guessing yourself on a multiple choice test... Only you might pay with more than a failing grade if you second guess yourself and are wrong.

Today, my I took my boys to the play ground. There was one other set of kids playing, which accounted for one of the vehicles in the lot (other than mine). Then there was a lady and a young man eating lunch in one other vehicle. Nothing really striking right? My paranoid voice said 'they have no kids here', my voice of second guessing said 'lunch break, park'. Fine, no issues with that. Then the lady in Ford F-150 (black/grey, dust makes it hard to tell, yellow Alaska Tags EWF-931) called out to one of the other boys by name, paranoid said 'why is that kid ignoring the lady', voice of second guessing said 'probably the annoying aunt or something'. Young man, in his teens, dumps McDonald's bags in park trash, nothing suspicious. Then the brown haired lady with white shirt and blue jeans comes out (those living in North Pole Alaska, not description and BOLO; Be On the Look Out for; she said 'my name is Jenna' to one of the boys) and hugs one of the boys and gives him money and tells him to buy a treat and share with his brother. Paranoid voice speaks up 'keep an eye on that one, she's acting weird' second guessing voice 'hmmmm'. Crazy lady gives her phone number to the parent of the two other boys and says 'if you ever need a baby sitter just call me'. Paranoid voice says 'definitely weird', second guess voice 'did you get a license plate?'. Well, I didn't right then... Crazy Lady left and returned the male to where ever...

Parent came over to me and said "That was creepy, I didn't even know her, I took her phone number because I didn't want to be rude". At that point both Paranoid and Second Guess Voices are "WHY didn't we get a plate number!" together. As the parent was leaving the play ground, Crazy Lady returns and I make sure to put myself between my boys and her (and the fence was between us and her also) while she tried to make contact with the parent again (who just drove off). At that point I decided "What luck, I'll get the plate number and the make and model of the truck, and write down the description of Crazy Lady "Jenna"). After Crazy Lady had gone another grand parent came by with they're kid and I chatted with them passing on what I had seen. We both decided I should stop by the local police department and leave a tip.

So I talked with the North Pole Police Department and left every bit of information I have left here in this note. So, BOLO for this individual near play grounds and schools.

And don't ignore that voice of caution and 'paranoia'."

The coming of summer has brought out the sickos, weirdos, and other idiots. Be cognizant of them and ready. I almost welcome them to try that on my boys, it'll give me a chance to practice my newly acquired police tactics and tools like Mr. Kubaton and Mr. Pepperspray; or even Mr. Colt 1911! Then other parents, mainly mothers who might not go forth armed all the time like myself, won't have to worry about that idiot. After all, I still feel its my sworn duty to serve society as one of those "rough men" George Orwell refers to when he talks about people sleeping peacefully in they're beds at night.

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Anonymous said...

Good situational awareness Mike, even if you didn't quite put it all together right away. Many people would have been totally clueless of what was going on. I'm happy to hear you were carrying as well.

Fellow ASDF Soldier

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